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Diatribe: Lit Cigarette Flickers


I admit it.  I used to do this.  When I was a smoker there was nothing worse than having to empty the ashtray in my car.  It was a disgusting smelly mess … a bigger nuisance than making sure I had a back-up lighter and a spare pack.  Consequently, I never used the ash tray.  In my younger years, I would drive home from work late at night through the forest preserves of northern Illinois and I would routinely flick my cigarette butt out the window of my AMC Levi Edition Gremlin without giving it a second thought.  I quit smoking about thirteen years ago and never gave lit cigarette flicking another thought … Until I bought a convertible … And heard stories about forest fires. 

Now I cringe every time the driver in the car in front of me flicks a lit cigarette out the window.  I hope there’s not an oil spill on the pavement or dry grass in the median.  Sometimes I honk and it makes me feel better.


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  1. It makes me crazy, too, when people drop a lit cigarette as they are walking into a store. Two people did this recently. Didn’t even crush it out, just left it smoldering for some little kid to find and hurt themselves on.

    I’m having a ranty morning. Thanks for this post. At least this time my rant is well-directed.


    • As I get older, and as a reformed smoker myself, I find that I have increasingly less tolerance for those who refuse to address this filthy addiction.

      Certainly, there are smokers who are considerate of their neighbors and the environment, but the litterbugs are generally the only ones to garner attention.

      Rant on!


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