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Diatribe: High School Yearbook Investigated As Possible Child Pornography.


High School yearbooks, or “annuals” as they’re sometimes called, are a heartwarming tradition.  Years ago, it was much more difficult to get photographs of classmates and events throughout the school year.  Students didn’t carry cell phones with built-in cameras like they do today so photos were taken by professional photographers on Picture Day.  My old yearbooks are hidden in my basement for two very good reasons: (1) a photo from what I call Dress-Alike Day … the day that my mother thought it would be appropriate for my younger brother and I to wear matching shirts on picture day, and (2) the photo from Charlie’s Angels Day … the day that everyone that lived in my house (and, apparently, everyone else that loved or cared about me) forgot that it was picture day and allowed me to wear a Charlie’s Angels T-shirt and “bed head” to school that day.

I remember that it was a really big deal to be a part of the Yearbook Committee in my high school and that there were several faculty advisers involved.  They would have meetings and work really hard to make sure that everyone got their picture in the yearbook and that every group or club had a good picture included.  It was important to be fair and make sure the underclassmen were included just as much as the graduating seniors.  The committee made certain that everyone’s name was spelled correctly, there was nothing “inappropriate” included, and tried very hard to keep the cost of the yearbook low so that everyone could afford to buy one.

My, how times have changed!  Recently, a California high school ordered students to return their yearbooks after discovering a picture that showed two students possibly engaged in a sex act in the background of a school dance photo.  Police are actually investigating the 17-year-old boy seen in the photo with his hand under the clothing of a 15-year-old girl during the dance.  Authorities are collecting the yearbooks so that they can edit the photo in an effort to comply with federal and state laws concerning child pornography.  For students who return the yearbook, the school has offered the option of editing out the photo and giving the yearbook back, or issuing a refund.

I’d like to collect the yearbooks with those two pictures in them so that they can be edited.


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  1. Sue permalink

    We all have taken school pictures that we now regret. My mom, bless her heart, had a beautician’s license, therefore I had perms in grade school. Ewe. Add to that the era of those awful “cat’s eye,” pointed eyeglasses–now that makes for a classy class photo.

    Fortunately by the time I started high school in 1965, the hair style was pin straight. This was my high school hair style, complete with ironing to make my already naturally straight hair even straighter. The glasses didn’t improve a whole lot though.


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