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Ovation: Let’s Hear It For Monkeys That Take Pictures Of Themselves!


I can’t take a good picture of my wiener dog to save my life.  It’s hard to find a “good side”, she’s always on the move and all she wants to do is lick.  If I try to take a quick picture with my smartphone, she’ll be hopping about thinking we’re going to play before I can start the camera app.  A staged photo session is simply out of the question.  And action shots of her licking aren’t the kind that you want to hang on a wall or email to friends.

So it’s all the more amazing to me that a Crested Black Macaque recently used a photographer’s equipment to take an amazing self-portrait (pictured)!  While visiting a national park in Indonesia, photographer David Slater left his camera unattended for a short time and it attracted the attention of a group of monkeys.  These monkeys are known for their intelligence and dexterity and this one, fascinated by the reflection in the lens, was somehow able to turn the camera on and use it.

Apparently, the monkeys didn’t appear to feel threatened by the photographer or his equipment and acted friendly and interested.  In fact, the monkey in this photo looks like it’s having a great time!  Maybe I should leave my wiener dog alone with a camera for a few hours to see what I get.  I’m pretty sure that all I’ll get is a slobber-covered camera.

Let’s hear it for monkeys that take pictures of themselves!

UPDATE 08/06/14: Widipedia refuses to delete photo as “monkey owns it”.

UPDATE 08/07/14: Photographer claims “Monkey Selfie” was taken by his assistant!


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