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Ovation: NYC Offices To Be Open On Sunday To Accomodate Record Number Of Marriages.


This Sunday is the first day that New York State’s new marriage equality law takes effect.  Usually, state and city offices are closed on Sundays but the demand for marriage services is so high that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has determined these offices should be open for this special occasion.  In fact, demand for marriage licenses is so high that the city is holding a lottery to determine which couples, gay or straight, will be allowed to marry at the five borough clerks’ offices.  A limit of 764 marriage services, a new one-day record for the city, has been set and a lottery is in place to avoid chaos.

“The last thing we want is for couples to wait on line for hours and hours, only to walk away upset on what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives …” – Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg himself has offered to officiate at the wedding of his chief policy adviser at Gracie Mansion, the official resident of New York City’s mayor, on Sunday.  Bloomberg has been an advocate for marriage equality in the state for some time.  One of America’s favorite wedding destinations, Niagara Falls, will also be celebrating with the first ceremony there taking place at the stroke of midnight on Saturday night as the Falls behind the happy couple are lit with the colors of the rainbow flag (pictured).

While there will certainly be protesters to try to spoil the celebrations, and a handful of state workers have refused to do their jobs, the employees that man the clerks’ offices on Sunday will be taking part in a historical day.  Hundreds of grateful couples thank you for working on the weekend!

UPDATE (07/23/11):  Officials, expecting a rush of gay couples wanting to get married, initially set a lottery capping the number of marriages on Sunday to 764 couples but later accepted all 823 couples across all five city boroughs.


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