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Ovation: Longtime Game Show Host, Bob Barker, Donates Money To Rescue Chimps.


I love television game shows and so does my mother.  We used to watch them ALL together… Match Game, Hollywood Squares, Name That Tune, Password, Press Your Luck and The Price Is Right were some of our favorites.  We were always really good, too, and would answer more questions correctly and “win” more often than the contestants on each program.  I still enjoy Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Survivor, The Amazing Race and Big Brother.

Each game show had a host and we knew them all.  Peter Tomarken, Gene Rayburn, Jim Lange and Peter Marshall were each famous in their own way.  But, undoubtedly, the most famous game show host was Bob Barker who retired in 2008 after fifty years on television.

When Barker’s wife, Dorothy Jo, passed in 1981, he focused his energy on the promotion of animal rights in order to keep doing something that she had done.  He was named national spokesman for “Be Kind to Animals Week” in May 1985 and soon began ending some episodes (later every episode) of The Price Is Right with the phrase “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

Bob Barker’s DJ&T Foundation, founded in 1994 and named after his wife, has contributed millions of dollars for animal neutering programs and to fund animal rescue and park facilities all over the United States.  Most recently a donation of $230,000 to Chimp Haven in Keithville, Louisiana will pay to expand a 200-acre habitat to make room for five chimps that came from a Texas research laboratory that recently went bankrupt.  The donation will also provide for their care for one year.

Barker, who lives in Los Angeles, says the chimps have spent their whole lives on concrete in cages but now they will live in a forest and, because they are curious and smart, they are expected to adapt well.  I bet they could outlast half the contestants on Big Brother.

UPDATE 05/06/13 – Bob Barker offers Washington University in St. Louis $75,000 to Save Cats.


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  1. Kind of nice how we treat animals. Steal them from their homes, lock them in cages, use them for scientific tests, and then just dump them when the cash flow stops.


    • I’ve always liked Bob Barker’s stance on Animal Rights and his outspokenness on the issues!! He’s been an outspoken vegetarian since like 1979 or so…


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