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Ovation: 85-Year-Old Billionaire Duchess Gives It All Up To Marry 61-Year-Old Boyfriend!


Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva, The Duchess of Alba, is one of the wealthiest women in all of Spain.  At 85, she is worth somewhere between $850 million and $5 billion.  And she plans to give it up away so she can marry the man she loves.

The Duchess’s six children, all from her first marriage to a son of the Duke of Sotomayor who died in 1972, do not support their mother’s plan to marry Alfonso Diez, a civil servant who is 24 years younger.  So, to help convince her family that their love is genuine and that Diez loves her not just for her money, the Duchess will give her fortune to her children.

Diez will be her third husband as she remarried in 1978 to a onetime priest who passed away in 2001.  She has been friends with Diez for several years and, in fact, the pair were rumored to we in 2008, but did not after her children “vetoed” the idea.  This time she’s intends to get her way.

It has not yet been determined if the children and eight grandchildren intend to be present for the ceremony.  She likes to point out that each of her children is divorced, even though she has never split from any of her husbands.

You go, Duchess!  Make that spunky 61-year-old your husband and enjoy every moment together until your last breath.  The love that you have found is much more valuable than all the wealth in your bank accounts combined.




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  1. The cynic in me thinks her children are feigning anger to get their hands on her money.
    So, I hope she marries, and then puts the money in trust until each of her children is 85 and married and happy.
    You go Duchess!


  2. He’s in it for the money and she just wanted a man. And that is Not LOVE,NOR is that the perfect reason to get married. My apologies Duchess,I’m sure you are a Sweet woman and hugs to you, but NO AMOUNT of makeup could ever help you. But your money is whats making your new husband smile. Sorry. but I’m not holding back for anyone, I have to be honest.


  3. Spunky. Her kids can take care of her. Her man may already established so she has her own choice. Congrats.


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