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Diatribe: Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tsunamis … Can You Really Blame The Gays?


Do you believe that homosexuals cause hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes?  Do you believe that letting gay men and women serve openly in the armed forces will lead to the decline of our nation?  Do you believe that allowing same-sex couples the right to marry will destroy humankind?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions … you might be an imbecile.

Those that would have you believe that God is smiting the world with destruction because equal rights are slowly being bestowed upon all of his children are an embarrassment to most people of faith.  Hurricane Katrina , in 2008, was not “the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans”.  Gays do not cause tsunamis and the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” doesn’t make birds fall from the sky.  And gays getting married in New York didn’t cause this week’s East Coast earthquake either.

That’s just now how it works.  The Pilgrims that came to America on The Mayflower risked life and limb to escape the confines of a society that strived to tell them what to believe and what to worship.  In our country, we have the freedom to worship (or not worship) as we choose.  I like to think that most of us agree that the crazy zealots we see on the news are extremists and, clearly, do not represent the views of most Americans.  But they’re scary.  They’re scary because they’re in the news … they’re on the web … they’re everywhere.  And people are listening to them and believing the things that they’re saying.  And they’re giving them their MONEY.

Maybe it’s natural to assign blame to someone or something when disaster strikes.  Perhaps this helps us to rationalize things that we don’t understand and things that we fear.  But random weather events are just that … random.  No one is directly responsible for these disasters, certainly not “the gays” … and rational people understand this.


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  1. “rational people understand this”. LMAO

    This blog is Rational? I’m sitting here dying laughing not believing what I’m reading. What is the actual purpose for the blog? Or are you anticipating that Pat Robertson will speak or something? LOLOLOLOLOL

    Man talk about being PARANOID.


  2. Rene permalink

    Longshot, anyone who uses LOL more than once may either be presumed to be under the age of 11, or under the influence. Therefore, your post is moot.

    That said, I find it abhorrent that people who call themselves religious leaders use fear and hate-speak (the Orwellian reference was not unintended) to maintain control of their flock.

    Most people don’t believe them. The ones who do believe them have reality issues. Those are the people who are really scary.

    Paranoid? Damn right I am. When we blame natural disasters on sexual preference, we have truly gone down the rabbit hole.


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