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Diatribe: Fraud At The Fair! Deep-Fried Bubblegum Contains No Bubblegum!


Last summer I was coerced into going to a local county fair.  It was a bajillion degrees outside that day and there was not a breeze to be found.  I think I even wore shorts (a rarity) so I remember the afternoon quite vividly.  I usually enjoy the fair because of the critters and the carnival atmosphere.  But at this particular event, the only exhibits that I enjoyed were the ones inside.  Of course, anything with air conditioning was a big hit and really crowded.

The big fad at that fair was Deep-Fried Butter.  One of my buddies insisted that I try it and, much to my surprise, I thought it was really tasty!  It reminded me of a super buttery biscuit that would go great with any holiday feast.  I also got to try a Deep Fried Oreo and determined that I like them just fine without frying them.  With both of these I pretty much got what I expected … butter and Oreo.

In their continuing quest to find something that nobody ever thought of frying, folks at the 2011 State Fair of Texas are being treated to what they’re calling Deep-Fried Bubblegum!

The bubblegum flavored marshmallow, which is dipped in batter, deep-fried and then topped with icing, won a “Most Creative” award despite the absence of bubblegum!  Fraudulent!

I’m reasonably certain that my friends would not be able to talk me into trying this.  Particularly if the butter thing is available!


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  1. I will never get this obsession with “Deep fried fill-in-the-blank”.
    None of it sounds appetizing.


    • That’s exactly how I felt until I tried the butter thing. And there’s still something yummy about a good ol’ funnel cake with lots of messy powdered sugar that makes a fair seem like a fair.


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