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Never Forget.


I was in the car on my way to work, listening to The Bob & Tom Show.  Suddenly, Christy Lee, the only female cast-member interrupted the morning silliness to report that the first tower had been hit.  The rest of the goons on the program didn’t believe her … at first.  I felt so alone, in my car, with only my thoughts.

What are your most vivid memories of that terrible morning?


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  1. I remember sitting on the bed in our bedroom, calling Carlos at work to tell him about the plane hitting the first tower, and seeing the second plane hit while we spoke.
    The first plane seemed like a horrible accident. The second one seemed liked a horrible plan.


  2. Rene permalink

    I was watching on the television at work when the South tower fell. The way the news report was angled, the North tower was blocking it. It took me several moments to believe what was happening. Then, when they were both gone, I just remember how stunned I was. I had to sit down. I had no idea how many people were harmed, but I knew that the loss was staggering. I also remember being most upset by not knowing whether it was over, who was doing this, and why. I will keep a special place in my heart always for the family members of those lost that day.


  3. I was feeding my 4 week old baby and watching Regis and Kelly. I kept hoping that someone would tell me it was an accident or that it was not real…


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