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Diatribe: Pat Robertson’s Viewers Should Divorce Him After Alzheimer’s Comments.


Religious broadcaster Rev. Pat Robertson recently told his 700 Club viewers that it’s justifiable to divorce a spouse with Alzheimer’s because the disease is “a kind of death”.

What a hypocrite.  He’s spent his entire career (and, yes, I think it’s fair to call it a career) in the preaching business touting the sanctity of marriage.  This is the man that claimed same-sex marriage would signal the collapse of the United States and a long list of other ridiculous allegations throughout the years.  Most responsible Christian leaders have long ago banished him to the role of tabloid television host and have, more or less, stopped taking him seriously.  Probably because so much of what he says is so wickedly preposterous that it just makes him look old and foolish.

Yet, viewers of the 700 Club still send him money like they’ve done for years and his “ministry” continues.  Seriously, to abandon a dying spouse at the very time when unconditional love is needed the most should never be viewed as anything but grotesquely selfish and utterly disgusting.  It sounds like he’s lost his marbles for good this time.  Maybe his viewers will finally divorce HIM.


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  1. From your mouth to his “God’s” ears.


  2. gina permalink

    I think it is disgusting the way christians justify their very un-christ-like behavior.

    My then husband was told by his pastor that it was ok to divorce as we were married by a justice of the peace so god was never part of our marriage …after 10 years and 2 kids.

    OK if you’re a christian!!

    (the marriage needed to end. I had just done what was expected of me by marrying a man but I was still shocked at the pastors comments.)


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