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Diatribe: Woman Murders Secret Twin Newborns And Doesn’t Go To Jail!


Last week, twenty-five year old Lindsey Lowe of Hendersonville, Tennessee smothered her newborn twins to death.  According to a police department affidavit, she gave birth to her first son in the bathroom of her parents’ home and, when it began to cry, she placed her bare hand over the baby’s mouth and held it there until the baby fell silent and died.  You see, she didn’t want her parents, who were unaware that she was pregnant, to hear the infant’s cries.  A few minutes later, she gave birth to a second child who also cried, so she killed him, too.  She put her dead babies in a laundry basket and covered them with a blanket so no one would see them.  Two days later, her father called police when he found a dead baby in his daughter’s bedroom.  When confronted by police, she quickly confessed to the crime and was arrested on two counts of first degree murder.

Yesterday, there was a bond hearing and the woman was released into her family’s care!  Her attorneys claim that it will be easier for her to have access to mental health professionals if she’s not in jail.  I imagine every murderer in prison would like the same.  Someone somewhere must be pulling strings to keep her out of prison because it just doesn’t make sense.  The murder of the first child was clearly premeditated although it appears that she was unaware of the second baby until its birth.

There are too many new babies in my life this year for this situation not to bother me.  This was an educated woman working in the dental field that knew and understood, for nine months, what was happening.  She lied and hid her pregnancy (no doctors were ever involved) in order to avoid her, presumably, judgemental family.  She did not consider giving her baby up for adoption.  She did not consider the fact that Tennessee has Safe Haven Laws in place.  It appears that she figured all along that she’d just kill the baby when it arrived.  And then there was a  second innocent baby.

I do not think this woman, mentally stable or not, should be out on bond.  What do you think?

UPDATE: 11/10/11 – Lindsey Lowe Indicted In Deaths Of Infant Twins.

UPDATE: 11/05/12 – Attorney’s want Lindsey Lowe’s confession thrown out.

UPDATE: 11/06/12 – Judge Rules Lindsey Lowe’s Videotaped Confession To Be Admitted As Evidence.

UPDATE: 12/10/12 – Lowe’s attorneys ask, for a second time, that her confession be thrown out!

UPDATE: 01/22/13 – Lowe’s attorneys want judge to recuse himself.

UPDATE: 03/11/13 – Highly anticipated trial of Lindsey Lowe begins. (WKRN in Nashville has links to all its previous stories.)

UPDATE: 03/19/13 – Deliberations begin in Lindsey Lowe trial.

UPDATE: 03/19/13 – Lindsey Lowe Found GUILTY of Murdering Her Twins.  Sentenced to Life in Prison.

UPDATE: 01/31/14 – Lindsey Lowe denied new trial. Will remain in prison.

UPDATE: 07/10/15 – Lindsey Lowe seeks new trial.


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  1. Sue permalink

    I agree with you.


  2. I don’t think she should be out on bond, but I do think it’s a tough call about her instability.
    The most educated person can find themselves bending to the will of family, and doing oftentimes unspeakable things to keep their place in that family.
    I think she needs help, but she also needs to pay for her crime, and being out on bond for killing two babies is not the right way to go.


  3. Oh boy … now I’m reading allegations that she may have had an assistant present at the birth … possibly her father who, apparently, was a bit of a religious nutcase.


    • Anonymous permalink

      Your are stupid and and you know nothing. Stupid people comment because the are ignorant. Sounds like you needs some religion.


    • Anonymous permalink

      She had assistance from her father? Really, were you there? Do you know them? I would say the answer is NO. You know nothing. It is your opinion. And you are 100% incorrect. Mind your own business.


  4. Anonymous permalink

    She killed two innocent babies and yet people couldn’t wait to testify about what a sweet, wonderful person she was. Does no one value innocent human life anymore?


    • Exactly! And, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say, that all of these people running to her “defense” are of the anti-abortion ilk. And now this woman ( gets jail time for spanking her son too much! There’s got to be more to this story!


    • Anonymous permalink

      Sad that you comment on things in which you are completely uneducated on the subject. Your are clueless.


    • Anonymous permalink

      I value human life. She did not do anything knowingly. Where you present at the time of the birth? Do you know what really happened? The answer is NO! Mind your own business.


    • Anonymous permalink

      She suffered pregnancy denial, dis-associative disorder, and delirium. Result of Rape! It was very obvious the authorities wanted to ignore it. The guy has a record since a teenager. There is a file to prove it!


  5. Reba permalink

    I do not believe she should be out on bail. She needs to be sitting in a cell by herself to have some time to think about what she did and what her core values are. But then again our society is saying it is ok to kill a little one as long as it is not fully born. I can see why she could have been confused. Where are our nations value system?


  6. This is just pure ignorance! She should be in jail! The justice system is soooo backwards and its completely not fair that she is not behind bars!


  7. Henry permalink

    I am sure there is more to this story.

    I did not know that Tennessee had Safe Haven Laws. They need to be publicized if they are going to save any babies.


  8. You’ll find that everyone that testified on her behalf were completely honest. Regardless of any remarks that a person might have made in the courtroom. These are upstanding individuals, that are completely honest and many have known her for her entire life. They know the person that she is and testified on her behalf because they believe in her and know the truth. She is not guilty of a crime. Like her family she is a victim of a crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Certainly, the babies are the victims. Perhaps the mother is also a victim, but not of murder. How do we bring clarity to moral/ethical decisions without all the facts? If there were extenuating circumstances, should the jury not be allowed to hear them? The comments arouse my curiosity and I would like to know the truth. This truth i do know. I would have gone to get those babies if I had known they were being born and I suspect I am not the only one who would have rushed to save their lives.


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