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Ovation: Ugly Opossum Guests … Good Clean Fun?


We feed the “outside cat” at our house in bowls on the deck. He gets a bowl of “dry” food and a bowl of canned food twice each day. We leave the bowls under the eaves in an effort to keep them dry. Sometimes he doesn’t finish a meal and we get an uninvited guest.

Recently, we’ve been visited by a couple of opposums. We’ve seen a large one and a smaller, “baby” opossum. They’re gross in a cute way. When they see us, they certainly do “play opossum” and literally become rigid and motionless. We challenged one the other night to see how long it would wait for us to leave it alone. It was a “stare-off” that couldn’t be won.

ME Pearle takes opossums very seriously. Her opossum care videos have gone viral.

I won’t be surprised if, someday soon, we’re able to hold our ugly guests on our deck and pet them like little dogs.  Of course, I’ll probably get the giggles when they remind me of ME Pearle’s videos.


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One Comment
  1. That’s a stare-off I’d have liked to have seen!


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