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Ovation: A Good Day Of Fishing Means A Bunch Of Dead Fish.


I used to love to go fishing.  Oddly enough, as a young boy that enjoyed many camping trips with family, it was my grandmothers and my father that took me fishing the most.  Perhaps they were avoiding chores back at camp.

I had all the fishing equipment that a boy could need, but all I ever wanted to use was a “cane pole” with a “bobber” and a nightcrawler.  I didn’t care what kind of fish I caught as long as I could get it off the hook without having to cut my line.

My father taught me how to clean, fillet and fry the fish that I caught and I remember feeling very self-sufficient as I picked the bones that I missed from between my teeth.

At one time, when I was much older, I owned a fishing boat.  I’m very glad that I crossed “own a boat” off of my Bucket List at a young age before I was tempted to purchase an even larger hole in the water into which I could toss my money.

I once went “deep-sea fishing” on a chartered boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  I caught a shark.  It was an accident … the hook was in the side of its head when I reeled it in.  I ate it anyway (blackened) once I found a restaurant to prepare it.

In all my years, and all my fishing experiences, I learned one very important and wise tidbit of knowledge that deserves to be shared.  so, remember this and share it with those that you love …

“At the end of a good day of fishing, you have some dead fish.”

Nowadays, when I want seafood, I rely on the Norton’s Fisherman or the nice folks at Red Lobster to make it happen for me.  I don’t think I’ll be fishing again any time soon.


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  1. I went fishing exactly twice as a child, ad with my father both times.
    I hated it the first time, and the second time proved me right.

    Who needs fishing? That’s why grocers have fish departments.


  2. Thing about fishing is it requires patience… Personally, I’m missing the patience gene… But … Enjoy!!….


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