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Diatribe: Return Of The Word Police / Nicki Minaj, You’re Under Arrest


In addition to previously discussed violations, The Word Police have determined it to be critical that 1) we not say “Impore-Dent” when something is truly important, 2) we remember that cows give us milk, not melk, and 3) we all know the difference between a “pin” and a “pen”.

Please be reminded, also, that a pitcher is either the player who throws the baseball to the batter or the serving container from which one pours orange juice or margaritas … it is not a photograph.  That would be a picture.  If your pitcher is taken, you will undoubtedly lose the game … or make do without margaritas.

Furthermore, role models that slaughter the English language in the name of “art” must be discouraged.  For instance, Nicki Minaj in her hit, Super Bass, teaches her fans the following phrase …

Yes I did, yes I did
Somebody please tell him who the eff I is
I am Nicki Minaj, I mack them dudes up
Back coupes up, and chuck the deuce up

Seriously … when I hear “I is” it, literally, makes me cringe.  I find the use of Ebonics in popular music to be completely unacceptable.  Poets and lyricists have properly used the English language to artistically write  beautiful and expressive rhymes for hundreds of years.  So why has it, recently, become acceptable to  butcher the language and call it “art”?  Like anything else this music, as a commodity, is subject to the laws of supply and demand.  So, as long as there is an audience that is willing to purchase the music of artist’s like Minaj it will continue to be created.

Does this drive you nuts, too?


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  1. I is annoyed.

    No, seriously, I am all about slang, but sometimes, when it borders on stupid it’s just too much.

    However, i loved this: “If your pitcher is taken, you will undoubtedly lose the game … or make do without margaritas.”

    My giggle for the day!!


  2. I don’t criticize people on their vernacular. After all I still say “ain’t” and “I got.”
    I do cringe when I see it written though, so I always try my best when writing.


  3. Why you be aksin’ us dat? You be trippin’ cracker!

    One of my favorite Minnesota-isms is that they say “beg” for “bag”.


  4. mary permalink

    take your own advice and don’t listen! no one is forcing you– why seek out irritating stuff just to vent about it?


    • Of course, you’re right. I don’t HAVE to listen to it. In fact, I don’t. When I hear that particular song come on the radio I switch it off. I don’t intentionally seek out irritating stuff just to vent about it! People, places and things that I find aggravating present themselves all the time. 😉


  5. george luthin permalink

    Flex on Hot with Niki. ‘Maybe Rosenberg shouldn’t have did that”.

    The lack of elementary, basic language skills is celebrated in hip hop culture. Depressing.


    • It really is “celebrated”, isn’t it? I understand that sometimes the English language has to be “modified” to fit the rhythms of popular music, but wouldn’t it be awesome to hear the same melodies with proper grammar?


      • george luthin permalink

        The unfortunate use of language was not inside a Nicki lyric, but was part of a ‘considered’ dialog between DJ Flex and NM. DJ Flex may or may not be an illiterate person, but his language suggests he’s not too bright.


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