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Diatribe: Negative Blog Comments Should Have A Point.


This weekend DiatribesAndOvations received some interesting comments.  As more people discover and read this blog, there will hopefully be more interaction between readers, etc. and more comments.  They’re not all expected to be positive.  But negative blog comments should have a point.

When a blogger receives negative comments, it’s tempting to simply delete them. But then, in my opinion, readers will get the sense that the blog is wiped clean and they might resent the censorship. So, by leaving the negative comments for the world to see, it shows respect for other peoples’ perspectives and opinions and that readers will, in turn, have more respect for the blog’s content.

“Take your own advice and don’t listen! No one is forcing you – why seek out irritating stuff just to vent about it?” – Mary, commenting on Return of the Word Police / Nicki Minaj, You’re Under Arrest

If the comments are not deleted, they should not be ignored.  So, it’s best to respond.  In this case perhaps Mary missed the point.  One need not seek out poor grammar.  A search is not necessary.  Bad grammar is everywhere and, sometimes, one feels like a “bad manners magnet”.

“You really got off track somewhere along the way. I have yet to see evidence of this …” – Sandy, commenting on About Me

It’s also important to be honest.  When I blog, I write to share my opinion.  I’m not a reporter or a novelist and I don’t claim to be.  I share my thoughts and opinions honestly and I do the same when I respond to any comments or critiques.  I hope that Sandy will keep reading and see that I’m trying to adhere to my original plan.

“You really think you’re all that and need ‘fine print’? Get over yourself.” – Kerry, commenting on The Fine Print

I do not think I’m “all that”.  But I did quite a bit of research before I started blogging and learned that it was widely recommended that a disclaimer of some sort be included on a home page.  I’m sure that I’ll revisit it from time to time and humbly update it as my blog and I grow together.

Of course, I can’t be entirely certain that this weekend’s comments weren’t SPAM.  While, software indicates that they’re legitimate comments from readers that have taken the time to view the content of the posts, I could be mistaken.  And it’s my responsibility to moderate all the comments and discussions that ensue as a result of my posts.   I encourage comments and appreciate all the constructive critiques that I receive.


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  1. I am on the opposite end of the blogging spectrum. If you insult for no reason, or are clearly looking for Troll-tention, I delete you and I don’t care what anyone thinks. My blog is not a democracy, it is a benevolent dictatorship.

    I think that most of your readers know when it is best to engage or ignore something negative that pops up in the comments. We’re wicked smaht that way, yo!

    Besides, it means you are getting more readers. You must be doing something right!


  2. Mary permalink

    ugggh! Totally NOT worth a second chance. Windbag.


  3. ^ Coffee Talk! Okay, love this, Mary is super smart and obviously like Nikki Minaj a lot! Thanks for the link. Love this!


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