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Ovation: The Clay Lady’s Artist Co-op and Galleries.


My summers as a child were always busy.  My folks signed me up for classes and activities and exposed me to a lot of different opportunities.  There was choir camp, band camp and arts and crafts camp.  I particularly enjoyed arts and crafts camp.  I learned to silk screen t-shirts, draw, paint and throw pottery.  I wasn’t a particularly gifted artist but I took pride in all of the projects that I completed and my parents displayed them proudly in our home.  In the process I learned to understand and appreciate the challenges that artists face.

I was reminded of those summers when I visited Saturday’s open house and fundraiser at The Clay Lady’s Artist Co-op and Galleries.  It was an opportunity to visit the studio space of thirty emerging and professional artists and visit their galleries.  The art was for sale and many of the artists donated pieces to a silent auction to benefit Soles4Souls.

It was really interesting to see the different techniques that the various artists used and determine which of them had made each piece.  I bought the beautiful bowl above.  It caught my eye as we first entered the gallery and, after browsing for almost an hour, decided that it would be my purchase.  I met the woman who made it (Danielle, pictured making that very bowl), which made it all the more special!

Some people are so talented and make this look easy.

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  1. I think of myself as pretty artistic, but the idea of pottery scares me.
    I tried it once in school and i was awful at it.

    Plus that wheely thing makes me dizzy! =)


  2. Tim permalink

    Why do I have no orginal Thomas S. pieces to show in my home?


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