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Ovation: Toys For Tots Brings A Sign Of Hope To Economically Disadvantaged Children At Christmastime.


In early November, I started seeing the Salvation Army’s red kettles outside of supermarkets and grocery stores.  I remember thinking, “They’re starting so early!”  History proves that their methods, including the annual Angel Tree program, are effective in raising money and gifts for less fortunate families across the country.  But I don’t like their politics.

Instead, I choose to support Toys for Tots.  Organized by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve over sixty-two years ago, the program has distributed more than 400 million toys to more than 188 million needy children.  A supporting foundation has supplemented toy collections with and provided promotion and support materials valued at almost $500 million.

Toys for Tots has many corporate supporters that donate millions of dollars in cash and toys including Lego, ToysRUs and Hess.  Dozens of other corporations participate to a generous degree as well.

It’s easy to donate.  Givers can bring toys to local designated drop-off locations.  Cash donations are accepted online at their official website, via eBay and PayPal.  Of course, you can always mail them a check, too.  You can donate in memory, or in tribute to a loved one.  Regardless, the joy that these toys bring to the children that receive them will make their Christmas celebration so much better.

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  1. Carlos and I stopped with the Salvation Army several years ago because of their anti-LGBT stance, and now give to more local charities.
    On a national level, though, Toys for Tots is a good one.


  2. A nice remember to give. Thank you.


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