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Diatribe: Shame On And Barnes & Noble For Selling Hateful Calendar By “Christian” Cartoonist.


I was raised to think that Christians were “nice” people.  They were people who tried to live by the Golden Rule and cause no harm.  I still believe that most Christians are good people who simply want to follow their own path through life.  Unfortunately, an extremely vocal minority of Christians appears determined to force their agenda upon the rest of the world all in the name of Christianity.  Are all Christians also conservatives?  Are all conservatives also Christians?  Why can’t we all just get along?

I was disgusted to learn that both and Barnes & Noble have agreed to sell the “I’m Not Gay, I’m Just A Sissy” 2012 calendar.  Created by “Christian Cartoonist” Joe King, the so-called humor found within this year-long attack, subtitled “12 Months of Sexual Confusion”, should be offensive to any fair-minded individual and to anyone that knows or loves a gay person.  And, hopefully, to most Christians.

The cartoon for the month of January, for example, appears to focus on unprotected sex while February’s contribution declares “We all have AIDS”.  This is not funny.  This is disgusting.  And this “Christian Cartoonist” has the NERVE to defend the calendar, claim that he’s being bullied and that AIDS is an “elective disease”.

Would and Barnes & Noble sell a calendar titled “I’m Not a Christian, I’m Just a Bigot”?  Or perhaps “I’m Not a Christian, I’m Just a Racist”?  I think not.

Are you offended, too?

UPDATE 12/29/11: The calendar is no longer available on the Barnes and Noble website.

UPDATE 12/31/11: has stopped selling the calendar, too.

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  1. I have already written to each and said i am through shopping at either place.
    There is funny, and there is sick.
    This is neither. It is, as you said, offensive.


  2. I’m shocked! Somebody needs to make a calendar about that guy. I’m not a human being, I’m just a deluded piece of garbage.


  3. Thanks for the heads up — I hadn’t heard about this calendar.

    What is it about this group of pseudo-Christians that insist on following the Old Testament — rather than the New Testament — that preaches “love.”

    “God, protect us from your followers.”


  4. anne marie in philly permalink

    WTF? thanks for bringing this to my attention! sick, disgusting, perverted, shameful, bigoted are words that come to my mind…joe king should DIAFF!


  5. I feel the same way about “humor” that insults and denigrates people who are Christian… or conservative… or rich… or own guns… ad nauseum. How about you guys?


  6. Glad to see they both pulled the damned thing!!


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