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Diatribe: Never Smell Clearance Candles.


Many of us are destined to make the same mistakes over and over.  We eat foods that we know disagree with us.  Some will have another cocktail even though they know they’ll regret it the next morning.  Others might stop at an ATM when they suspect a withdrawal will make an outstanding check bounce.

I can’t seem to learn that smelling candles from the clearance aisle is never a good idea.  I freely admit that I’m genetically predisposed to clearance shopping.  I can smell a red sticker from the other side of a store and I’m a sucker for a bargain.  And when I find one, I usually stock up.  I’ve been known to buy an ugly shirt in every ugly color because of the price, thus saving a ton of money on many ugly shirts.

What I can’t seem to wrap my arms around is the fact that candles in the clearance aisle are found there for a reason … they don’t smell good.  Yet I’m compelled to pick them up, one after one, and take a deep whiff of a scent that the shopping public has clearly deemed undesirable.

And I know better.  I realize that, when it comes to candles, one must pay full price … every time.  My favorite candles, “Leather” from Yankee Candle and “Redwood” from Woodwick, are difficult to find and they never “take a markdown”.  So, when I can find them, I reluctantly pay full price.

 Yet, I’m quite certain that, at my next opportunity, I will still stop to smell the clearance candles.  I can’t help myself.  And they will not smell good.

What mistakes do you make over and over?

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  1. Calling people by the wrong name. I see this one girl maybe four times a year and I always call her Chloe instead of Zoe. I actually had to implant a clue into my brain so I wouldn’t do it anymore. SO embarrassing.


  2. Being a bitchy queen.
    But hey… gotta do what suits you, right?


  3. Same with me!!! Only I actually buy the clearance candles. They really don’t smell that bad once you get them home and light them. Of course, this is all relative to what your house smells like to begin with. Uh oh I think I just told on myself. 🙂


    • So funny! I’ve found that clearance candles only have scent on the very top and that, after they burn for a while, it doesn’t last very long. But they’re still better than no candles at all!


  4. Ha ha! Hilarious post 🙂 I make many mistakes over and over, but I’d have to say the one that I do most when I’m shopping is to somehow buy the wrong thing somehow. I’ll be looking at something, and grab the size next to it or the book next to it in the same series, and then get home and say, ‘oops.’ It gets really annoying sometimes, but I don’t seem to be able to help it, so I forgive myself 😉


  5. I have smelled discount candles, and you’re so right! But even worse is that I always seem to smell non-discount candles that deserve to BE discount candles. I’m so lucky!


  6. Two words: Smoked. Cheese.
    I love the idea of smoked gouda, mozzarella, cheddar, and yet? Each time I’m all meh. Possibly if I could spring for the fancy stuff it would be different. I mean, it’s still cheese so how bad can it be, right? But I continue to believe each time THIS smoked cheese will be different.


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