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Diatribe: Is Jack-In-The-Box’s “Marry The Bacon” Campaign Offensive To Those Fighting For Marriage Equality?


I have no tolerance for people who don’t take marriage seriously.  And, while thousands of couples across the nation fight for and dream of the day that their relationships will be recognized by the government, I think the new marketing campaign from Jack in the Box restaurants is insensitive and offensive.  The following commercial debuted during the Super Bowl and features a man that’s totally in love with bacon.

The commercial is just a part of their new advertising strategy.  They’ve also included a website where visitors can create a virtual bacon baby and buy bacon clothing.

Why aren’t the defenders of “traditional marriage” in an uproar?  Where are Maggie and Brian from NOM and why aren’t they calling for a boycott?  Where’s the outrage from advocates of marriage equality?  Watch the commercial again and let me know your thoughts.  Am I overreacting?  Or is it offensive to you, too?

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  1. Rene permalink

    Honestly, I think it’s just a stupid commercial; one that I would expect from Jack-In-The-Box, who are now famous for their stupid commercials. I find it offensive on artistic grounds. I find it offensive that they spent $3.5 million for the spot, but couldn’t afford a more effective advertising firm.

    I’ve always found it offensive that we outlaw things like gay marriage and polygamy (yes, I went there); but, that it’s perfectly legal to cheat on your spouse. If you’re going to legislate morality, then legislate morality. Don’t hide behind morality to legislate bigotry.

    In this case, I think you may be lending too much weight to a commercial that no one found effective, funny, or of note.

    It’s just a stupid commercial.


    • Thanks for making me take a deep breath and a step back. Now it’s just offending because of its stupidity.


    • I’ve written to their Guest Relations about this most inane commercial and asked them to take it off the air. Fat chance (Bacon fat?) they will do it, and I asked for a response but haven’t received any except the autoresponder acknowledging receipt of my (irate) email.

      I also blogged about this, and enlisted the help of people on my yahoo groups.

      One question: Which networks carry this commercial? I couldn’t find it yesterday by channel surfing….not an efficient way to find it, I know.

      Thanks for your input. I hope we struck a nerve.


  2. It is a stupid commercial.
    But it also demeans marriage.
    I wrote a blog post a while back, lovingly called F%k Your Petition, because people were running a petition to let Bert and Ernie, the Muppets, get married.
    [ ]


  3. While I don’t find it particularly offensive, it does speak to the clueless-ness of some of us breeders, not to mention the appalling state of what passes for advertising these days.

    I think it all boils down to the fact that you should be allowed to bond/marry/align yourself with whatever you want, whether it’s a wonderful man like my husband, a douchebag like The Situation, or like those nutty people that only have sex with park benches and fences. To each his own, and soon whoever you marry will become moot. I truly believe this.


  4. gina permalink

    I cringe everytime that commercial comes on. I do find it offensive.

    I have also wondered why we havent been hearing anything about the gay friendly Toyota commercial…


  5. I agree with the comments. While I don’t find it actually offensive, it is off putting and banal. It looks like the writers “had nothing” when Super Bowl time rolled around so they had to make the best of what they had.


  6. Well, if you really want to go crazy you could get upset when the preacher says “You may now eat the bride.” Is that advocating domestic violence in which abusive men figuratively eat up their wives with mental and physical abuse?

    This is simply a bad commercial that should have never aired.


  7. Jay permalink

    Give me a break.

    I think you making that horse wear a hat is way more offensive.


  8. Chadwick Harvey permalink

    Hands down the worst super bowl commercial of all time. We the viewers should have been paid $3.5 million just for enduring the agony of it. It turned me off to Jack in the Box more than anything. And to have this run during the Super Bowl is utterly pathetic.I don’t think I would have allowed it if I were selling the advertising slots. I’d throw back in their face and say “come on, you’ve got to come up with something better than this.


  9. Crystal permalink

    I am repulsed by the new Jack in the Box commercial. It downplays the seriousness of marriage; and has sexual innuendos. The pastor says “You may now eat the bride” Seriously? This is acceptable for young children to watch?! I think not!!! This commercial needs to be pulled!!!


  10. Yes it’s offensive. Anti-marriage equality people do not object to the ad because it makes their case that anything other than a heterosexual marriage may as well be to bacon. This expection is established when the parent asks , “Who’s the girl?” and the son replies, “It’s not a girl.” We expect it’s a guy, and then the punchline is “bacon.” This commercial is doing a lot of work to undermine equality.


    • Exactly! It certainly seems intentional to me.


    • I don’t find it offensive at all, just really stupid. The first time I thought of marriage equality in connection with this commercial is when I read this article. I think you are WAY overreacting. It is simply one of the dumbest commercials I have ever seen. I do agree that the “you may not eat the bride” has a sexual innuendo to it, but mostly this is just a completely stupid commercial.


      • I’ve mellowed since I first wrote this post. I think the part that really set me off was the look on the mother’s face when her son says “it’s not a woman”. She, clearly, was disgusted by the concept of her son marrying another man.


        • I can understand someone who is so vested in marriage equality interpreting her reaction that way. (I am heterosexual and never thought about “marriage equality” until the gay community started addressing the issue.) This discussion shows the benefit of – well – discussion. For those of us who listen to others views, we can really learn from it. I am glad you started this one.


  11. Anonymous permalink

    STUPID, FREAKIN’ COMMERCIAL!!!!! They should fire the person(s) who created the commercial on principals alone.


  12. Geo duck permalink

    I agree with RS. It seems the “marriage traditionalist” are always asking, “if we allow men to marry each other, where will it end? Will they want to marry goats next?”


  13. Zoltan permalink

    I’m in the offended camp. As a gay man of 38, I was already taken aback by all the idiots who voted yes on Prop 8 as if same sex marriages were going to affect them somehow. Now you’ve got JIB promoting this commercial as if to say, if same sex marriage can happen then people should marry anything . . . like bacon. I’m rarely offended by anything, let alone a stupid commercial. . . but this is an outrage.


  14. Anonymous permalink

    I wrote an email to JIB sating how offensive it was to me… never heard back.


  15. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think this commercial is offensive on many levels. First of all, it’s just about the stupidest commercial ever. It’s downright creepy. It’s disgusting and many of my friends feel the same way. The Jack in the Box public figure page on Facebook is filled with comments from people who are outraged and disgusted by the commercial. It makes a mockery of marriage, and appeals to maybe a 12-year-old boy. Maybe it was done intentionally to get people talking about Jack in the Box. Some corporations feel that negative publicity is as effective as positive. I think Jack in the Box commercials have become more and more ridiculous but this truly takes “disgusting” to a new level. I won’t eat there ever again.


    • It seems that they’re running this commercial even more frequently lately!

      They closed all the JIBs in my area a couple of years ago. The one closest to me is still sitting empty. I never really liked their food anyway … too spicy and overpriced. So I won’t be eating there any more either.


  16. Pat permalink

    I am totally replused by this commerical. It is the most disgusting commerical I have ever seen. Whenever it comes on I quickly change the channel. I cringe every time I hear the words.


  17. Bernie Mako permalink

    No one can argue that you’re overreacting when it’s brought up in congress against marriage equality, AND when that legislator points out the disgust on the mother’s face when she thinks her son is gay.


  18. Adrian permalink

    While I don’t find the marriage thing offensive to me, it might be to other people.. I personally think that’s a little more subtle… I can definitely see the offense in the “It’s not a girl” part, but I think it’s just annoying to see the ad. I’ve been watching a few online South Park episodes and at every break, that same one comes on. A commercial of a guy with an unrealistic obsession with bacon is disgusting and quite stupid… it’s the Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of television ads if you ask me.. nothing really stimulating or entertaining about the whole thing. It makes me want to eat from there a lot less.


  19. Mostly just moronic, but it definitely is super weird and offensive too. I don’t understand any part of it. It’s a demoralization of marriage, and, um, human dignity?? “You may now eat the bride” – SO. WEIRD. The part that most clearly crosses the line, as others have pointed out, is the “it’s not a girl…” part with the mother looking horrified.

    I have never seen a JIB ad that wasn’t god-awful, but this is taking it to a new level. JIB, do us all a favor (including yourself) and fire your entire ad team.


  20. Bradley permalink

    Yes, hugely offensive. Also, stupid.


  21. Elaina permalink

    just wondering…should a line be drawn somewhere with regard to the marriage question, and if so where?


  22. Marky permalink

    Your being a poor sport. It’s a joke bro. Besides, what if someone really loves bacon? Your no one to judge. Just like you don’t want anyone to judge you.


    • Get real dude….”your no one to judge”…..really, they’re judging an idiot that wants to “marry” bacon. I agree, it is just a joke, but damn, what an annoying joke, they could of been a little more clever and come up with something that has a little more funny in it, this is just annoying.


  23. Thought it was kinda funny at first but Im just sick of hearing this commercial over and over again. Its just not realistic and its just plain stupid.


  24. This is probably the most stupid commercial ever. I immediately switch it off every time it is on. Whoever thought of this one needs to have his/her brain examined. “You may eat the bride?’ Give me a break.


  25. Anonymous permalink

    LOVE it!!!.
    best advert of the year.
    cant stop laughing.
    1 of the funniest adverts ever!!!!!


  26. azure permalink

    Thank you! This commercial is horrid. It makes me a little queasy when it comes on. It’s idiotic and offensive. I’ve never liked the Jack character anyway, but at least he’s benignly moronic. I’m down for boycotting and I may have to break down and create a Facebook account to leave mean comments on their page.


  27. Mr. Bacon permalink

    I find this post and comments made regarding said post offensive.

    Really…..out of all the things regarding this subject you choose to rant about a silly commercial?


    BTW…I just married bacon and I couldn’t be happier!


    • Wow!!! You are so funny…and clever…I don’t know about anyone else, but I was totally, totally impressed with your witty remarks! You made fun of her for her post but you just couldn’t resist, finding the blog, reading the comments and finally…responding to it…hmmm..


  28. Anonymous permalink

    You people are pathetic. It’s a f*cking commercial! Get over it.


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