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Ovation: Maverick The Weimaraner Goes From Craigslist To Westminster.


We have two dogs at our house.  We found them both on Craig’s List.  They belonged to people who simply could no longer care for them so they posted a free online advertisement.  We agreed to pay a small fee to prove that our intentions were good and we met with the owners to assure them that we weren’t going to abuse the dogs and that were animal lovers.  We brought them home and they’ve both been wonderful pets.

Last week at the Westminster Dog Show, Maverick the Weimaraner made an appearance.  Maverick was also found and rescued on Craigslist.  The dog’s previous owner confined him to a crate for years which caused him to suffer from a nose infection, extreme malnutrition and self-mutilation problems that led him to chew his own tail. (Click Here if the video below doesn’t work correctly.)

Maverick’s owner, Dan Stallings, spent weeks trying to get the dog to eat normally by rebuilding his food drive.  He treated his nose, paws and tail daily for infection and just giving him TLC, exercise and socializing him with the outside world.  Not long afterward, he started showing Maverick in dog shows that led him to take part in this year’s most prestigious show.  (NOTE:  There’s, obviously, quite a bit more to this story.  One can’t just enter any dog in the Westminster show.  Stallings must have done extensive research into Maverick’s history and secured proper documentation to reflect his dog’s purebred status and identity before being admitted to any professional competition.)

He didn’t win at Westminster, but Maverick is a winner in Dan Stallings eyes.  And we couldn’t love our two Craigslist Rescues any more either.

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  1. Gosh it makes me so angry when people mistreat animals.
    I am so happy Maverick found a good home. 🙂
    And kudos to you for taking in two unwanted pets! 😀


  2. Wonderful story. I wouldn’t think of going onto Craig’s List for a dog — I was planning to go to the animal shelter the next time around. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. A happy ending from new beginnings!


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