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Ovation: Heroes Catch Baby Dropped From Burning Building.


I used to cook a lot more than I do now.  One night, I was preparing an old-standby spaghetti dinner when I heard a strange “POP” from near the oven.  I turned to look and noticed that the water had stopped boiling.  Then I saw a little bit of smoke followed by a lot more smoke and then by flames.  We quickly dialed 911.  As advised, we used a fire extinguisher that we keep under the kitchen sink but it was of no use in stopping the spread of the flames as we waited for firemen to arrive.

Realizing that the situation was growing dangerous by the second, we eventually gathered our pets and left the building.  I’ll never forget standing in the driveway watching our home burn while several fire trucks from surrounding communities converged to save our home.  Everything that we owned was in that house but all that mattered to us was our safety and the safety of our pets.

Early yesterday morning, a home in Queens, New York caught fire.  As fire officials arrived on the scene and prepared to set up their equipment, a woman hanging as far out of a second floor window as she was able, dropped her baby daughter from the burning building and into the arms of civilians who had gathered on the sidewalk beside the flaming building.

Imagine … just hanging out, watching the fire, maybe being a little nosey … when someone throws you a baby!  The people who caught that baby are heroes in my eyes.

Both the child and the mother are expected to be fine but several people, including three firefighters, were sent to the hospital with minor smoke-related injuries.

I can only imagine the fear and desperation that mother felt and the panic that must have set in as she made the decision to drop her baby into the arms of strangers two stories below.  I’m not certain that I could do that.  I don’t even cook spaghetti any more … it’s not worth the risk.

Would you have the gumption to drop your baby to strangers?  Would you catch a baby if someone dropped one to you?

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  1. Gosh -what an amazing story! I would be terrified if someone dropped a baby to me… I am horrible at catching things..
    Just when you think the world is going to hell – along come a bunch of “good-deed-doers.”

    Fantastic post.


  2. Wow. Brave for mother and the folks below


  3. I would absolutely catch the baby.

    But, what did the firemen look like that saved you? 🙂


  4. Seriously cool. What an amazing story. I would be terrified to be trying to catch someone without a baseball glove!!!


  5. Wow. El Guapo has no idea if he would drop the baby. But yeah, he’d do whatever he had to to catch it.
    Go them.
    And of course, go the firefighters….


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