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Ovation: GUEST POST! “Matilda” Is A Musical Hit At London’s West End – By Harpreet Chahal


Roald Dahl’s much adored novel Matilda has been beautifully transformed into a musical by the one and only Dennis Kelly and award-winning comedian and musician Tim Minchin. The brand new musical has been given a 5 star review by The Mail and is said to be “hilarious, moving and magical” by The Telegraph. The production by The Royal Shakespeare Company has been such a success that there are already talks of taking it to the Broadway. The production is a great tribute to the famous children’s writer, which Royal Mail have also contributed to by creating new Roald Dahl stamps and other collectibles including some which feature Matilda.

Matilda is about a sweet little girl who is ignored and unloved by her parents. Amongst all the feelings of loneliness and rejection, she finds herself in a worse situation when she joins a school with an outrageously horrifying head teacher who loathes children and takes pleasure in punishing them. However Matilda soon becomes friends with her incredibly kind teacher Miss Honey who notices Matilda has a rare talent and can calculate impossible sums in her head. Shortly after we soon discover just how talented Matilda is as she develops telekinetic powers, which she eventually learns to control and teaches the grownups a lesson.

The production by Matthew Warchus is highly impressive, along with dazzling set designs by Rob Howell which include towering shelves and giant alphabet cubes and stunningly intricate choreography from Peter Darling. The songs are unknown however they perfectly complement the show which is filled with hilarious and delightful moments. Most importantly the whole cast is extremely talented but the three young girls who take it in turns to play Matilda and Bertie Carvel who plays Miss Trunchbull are exceptional and really do justice to Roald Dahl’s characters.

Even though most of the cast are young children this show is guaranteed to delight and amuse both adults and children. The story is brought to life on stage and after an astounding sell out season at The Courtyard Theatre, Matilda the Musical picked up best musical and best performance for Bertie Carvel at the Evening Standard Awards and the Theatre Awards UK, before it was bought to London’s West End. The show has already made an estimated £4 million at the box office and has a further £3 million in advance sales.

Matilda is an encouraging story with great morals behind it and teaches children how vital it is to read and how being clever is actually cool. Overall, Matilda the Musical is side splittingly amusing and full of magical moments. Roald Dahl fans can also look forward to the musical adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Sam Mendes next year.

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  1. There was a piece on this on NY! Onstage recently (might be available on their website now). This looks like it will be terrific!


  2. This looks amazing I can’t wait to see it. Roald Dahl is one of my faviourite childhood authors so to see this on stage will be fabulous.


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