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Ovation: If You Like Flash Mobs, You’ll Love CASH MOBS!


I love Flash Mobs.  I find it fascinating that so many people can organize themselves, rehearse, and perform the intricate choreography.  And they manage to keep it a secret, too.  There’s no way that I could memorize all the steps and words and moves but I sure do like to watch them!  This is one of my all-time favorites that was organized to surprise Oprah Winfrey

A new phenomenon appears to be taking the concept in a different direction.  Cash Mobs are spreading across the country and changing the way that many people view small local businesses.  In the same way that Flash Mobs organize to sing and dance, Cash Mobs organize customers to spend money at struggling locally owned businesses in an effort to support their communities.

Buffalo blogger, Chris Smith, was inspired to create a sort of reverse Groupon that, instead of offering groups of people bargains and deals, organized them to patronize retailers in their communities.  In a struggling economy, Smith believes Cash Mobs are a wonderful opportunity for business owners to build relationships with customers and give them a reason to support locally owned businesses.

It’s a fairly simple idea.  Individuals commit to spending at least $20 at a specific location at a specific time to help expose and market the business and consequently bring new customers.

Just like Flash Mobs, Cash Mobs are organized using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and dedicated blogs.  As the popularity of Cash Mobs spreads, they’re also receiving publicity from mainstream media.

Smith, the original Cash Mobber, apparently, hopes to combine Flash Mobs and Cash Mobs into a new song and dance shopping experience that I think sounds like an awesome time!  Click here to find a Cash Mob near you.

Do you think a Flash/Cash Mob would be fun?

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  1. I think it could and would be fun if it were something like this or that commercial with the guy that rips his clothes off but he is at the station at the wrong time.. 🙂


  2. I bet it would really be fun! I’ve never heard of this but then I’ve never heard of most things I read here! HA!


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