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Ovation: What To Do When Your McNugget Resembles George Washington.


I’m not always the best “shopper”.  I try to research big purchases to be informed and I like to shop around online to be sure that I’m not paying too much.  I always look for coupons or codes that will save a few dollars.  I’m not a “penny pincher” by any means but I hate to feel as though I’ve been taken advantage of.

I’m also not ashamed to admit that my favorite pair of boots was purchased, used, on eBay.  I couldn’t justify paying upwards of one hundred dollars for a pair of boots to wear when doing chores at the barn so I looked for a less expensive alternative.  Those that use eBay understand that there are many bargains to be found.  It’s like an online garage sale that includes an array of new items as well.  Plus, on occasion, an unusual object will be sold at auction.

For example, last Monday, a chicken McNugget from McDonalds that resembled the profile of George Washington sold for $8,100.  The McNugget was found by a Nebraska mother while cleaning up the uneaten portion of her child’s meal  about three years ago and has been in her freezer ever since.  Officials at eBay initially refused the auction because it violated rules regarding expired food but they later reconsidered and made an exception when they learned that proceeds from the sale, which has garnered international attention, will be used to send as many as fifty children from a local family worship center to a summer camp.  Once payment is received, the McNugget will be shipped with dry ice to preserve it.

The buyer’s identity has not been disclosed.  But, whoever it was, I hope they think they got a bargain.

UPDATE 03/09/12: Top McNuggett Bidder Reneges!

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  1. If that nugget isn’t the “real” GW, then i wouldn’t pay more than a quarter for it.


  2. gina permalink

    It looks more like the green goblin to me…


  3. Great – so now every time I eat my McNoogers, I have to inspect them to see who or what they look like before chowing down.

    Great post!


  4. Now what if the kid had bitten off the head — would we be a different nation? Scary to think about. Or maybe things might have been better~


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