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Diatribe: Laser Pointing Father Gets Arrested At High School Hockey Game.


I have a cat.  He’s crazy.  When he was a kitten, almost fifteen years ago, I lived in a house that had floor-to-ceiling picture windows in the living room.  After dark, the kitten would run around the room and throw himself at the windows in a futile effort to catch moths and other bugs that were attracted to the light indoors.  Again and again he would slam into the glass, always intent on catching up with the movement he saw against the dark sky.

His name is Psycho Kitty … “PK” for short … and he couldn’t be a better companion.

Eventually, I discovered that he would also chase a laser pointer.  I spent hours playing with him, making him chase a red dot around the house, up the walls and under tables.  I’d turn it off, suddenly, and laugh at the confused look on his face when he couldn’t find it.  But I never shined the laser pointer into his eyes.

The same cannot be said about a Massachusetts father who aimed a laser pointer into the eyes of the opposing goalie at his daughter’s high school hockey game.  Officials at the hockey game were able to identify the man, he was ordered out of the arena and he now faces criminal charges including disturbing the peace.

His daughter’s team won, 3-1, but the discovery of the laser pointer in the audience prompted parents of the opposing team to protest and request that the game be replayed.  The request was denied.

Apparently, the man feels “like a complete jerk” and his daughter is humiliated.  He should be ashamed of himself.  I’ve seen parents act foolishly at sports games many, many times, but I’ve never seen one do something this dangerous and stupid.

Laser pointers can be very dangerous, have been banned in many areas and require permits in others.  I would never shine a laser pointer at my cat … I can’t imagine anyone intentionally aiming one at the face of a high school girl.

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  1. What an idiot.
    How can we ever expect young people to do the right thing when morons like this roam free?


  2. That poor kid. Her over achieving father who wanted to live vicariously through his daughter has single-handedly destroyed her reputation. What a jerk!


  3. He’s an idiot, but as for the pointer and the cat…. OMG I laugh so hard when I do that. I played one Christmas with my mom’s cat for hours. I don’t remember ever laughing that hard. I had the cat (really a kitten at the time) almost reaching the ceiling she was so good. And on wood floors, the sliding was great. She had as much fun as I did. But like you, never in the eyes, that is just cruel.


  4. Sport parents can be too extreme sometimes. I’m relieved my little one has taken to art 🙂 I cannot deal with that level of crazy plus I wasn’t a sports girl, so I don’t feel that fierce desire to win. This guy is nuts.


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