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Diatribe: The Love Boat To Be Sold For Scrap Metal?! Say It Isn’t So!


Back in the days before blended families, latch-key kids and built in baby sitters, baby sitting was a great way for young people to earn some cash.  My parents, however, relied on my grandparents on the rare occurrences that took them away from home.  I had some great times and made wonderful memories on many Saturday nights spent at a grandparents’ home.

Anyone that was a “tween” at the time or not yet allowed to date will probably remember spending many Saturday evenings in front of the television watching ABC’s popular lineup of Fantasy Island and The Love BoatThe Love Boat, from famed producer Aaron Spelling, was a sitcom set aboard a cruise liner called the Pacific Princess, where the crew had romantic and funny adventures each week with guest stars playing the rolls of various passengers.  Viewers also learned about the decks of a cruise ship and the ports of call on the shores of Mexico.  And few can forget the show’s theme song …

Built in 1971 for $25 million for the Flagship Cruise line, the ship featured on the show was named the Sea Venture and it sailed between New York and Bermuda for three years before being sold to Princess Cruises in 1972 and renamed Pacific Princess.  The ship quietly sailed into history books, changing hands several times, until this week when news of its doom was broadcast to the world.

The ship is heading to the junkyard to be broken up and sold for scrap metal.  Apparently, the ship’s final owner failed to pay a bill of approximately $7 million to an Italian company for asbestos removal and refurbishment.

The 600-passenger ship, miniscule by today’s standards, and its popularity on television is thought to have helped spawn the cruise business that thrives around the world today.  The antics of Captain Stubing, Doc, Gopher, Isaac the Bartender and “Julie McCoy, your cruise director” were enjoyed every week for nine years and can still be seen in syndication.

It’s sad to learn that the Pacific Princess will be destroyed.  Sometimes news doesn’t really need to be shared.

Were you a fan of The Love Boat?  What television shows from your childhood hold great memories for YOU?

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  1. I thought it was scrap metal when it was on TV.


    • Oh, no you didn’t?! You didn’t get a kick out of the parade of B-List guest stars? To this day, we still reference “Julie McCoy, your Cruise Director” whenever there’s a gathering and someone is clearly in charge.


  2. I totally grew up watching this show as well. I have seen every episode. My whole family would sit down to watch it. Wasn’t Fantasy Island on afterwards too? Between those two, every star of the time passed through. LOL

    Hard to believe that ship was only 600 passengers. It is small compared to the ships of today holding over 2,000.


  3. I loved The Love Boat!!! 🙂 Especially when there were celebrities on the show. Fun times..


  4. I can’t say I ever really watched the Love Boat, but the first porno I ever watched as a kid was a sex-spoof creatively entitled The Sex Boat.


  5. I always watched The Love Boat and Fantasy Island! They were great! Where is Captain Stubing to save the day (and the ship)?


  6. Kind of shocking– especially since it’s in much better condition than the Costa Concordia.

    (too soon?)


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