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Ovation: St. Patrick’s Day & Lots Of Green Beer.


St. Patrick’s Day occurs each year on March 17th and is a day set aside to remember one of Ireland’s patron saints.  In the U.S., it is largely a celebration of Irish-American culture and heritage focusing on Irish themed parties, traditional Irish food, the color green, shamrocks, leprechauns and beer … lots and lots of green beer.

Although St. Patrick’s Day is not a federal holiday, people will go to parades and watch green floats and marching bands dressed in green uniforms playing Irish music while they think about beer … lots and lots of green beer.

In most cities, particularly those with a large Irish-American populations like New York, New Orleans and Seattle, every eating establishment with a liquor license will have special events or promotions today to celebrate “the luck o’ the Irish” and serve beer … lots and lots of green beer.

In 2005, the Chicago River was dyed a bright shade of green to commemorate the occasion.  People came from miles around to see the green river and drink beer … lots and lots of green beer.

St. Patrick’s Day is on my list of Holidays for Amateurs, along with Black Friday and New Year’s Eve, so I’ll be staying home, away from the drunken craziness, where my curmudgeonly ways won’t interfere with the revelry of others and their beer … lots and lots of green beer.

(And their green tongues and teeth.)

(And so I won’t get pinched for not wearing green.)

How do YOU celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

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  1. Rene permalink

    I tend to stay home on “amateur nights.” New Years’ Eve, St. Patty’s Day, Mardi Gras. Generally, I’ll go out early for a pint of Guinness, and get home before the true revelers come out. I’m inching closer and closer to the “Early Bird Special” phase of my life.


  2. Years ago, when i worked as a Bartender, we called St Pat’s Day–along with NY Eve and Valentine’s Day–Amateur Nights.
    I stay home, too.


  3. I don’t.


  4. My son in law made the most delicious cornbeef and cabbage. And for dessert I made my homemade hot fudge for sundaes. We drank a lot . . . of Fresca . . . out of green glasses of course!


  5. LOVE your last full paragraph! I’m right there with you on all this! 🙂


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