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Diatribe: Parents Must Be Responsible For The Actions And Safety Of Their Children.


Last Wednesday, a 3-year-old girl was thrown from a carnival ride at a Texas rodeo and suffered minor injuries.  The toddler was simply too small to safely enjoy the ride and she slipped through the installed safety harness.  Some would like to hold the ride’s operator responsible for the accident.  But I think the blame would be misplaced if it fell anywhere other than with the girl’s parents.

In a time when children seem to grow more independent at younger and younger ages, parents must be reminded that it remains their responsibility to monitor their child’s actions and activities.  They should also be reminded that the actions of their children are direct reflections of their parenting style and supervisory skills.

Earlier this week, a different 3-year scrambled out of his car seat when his parents stopped for gas.  He found a loaded gun that police say was left in the car by his father and fatally shot himself in the head.  Was this an accident?  Or was it the direct result of the father’s negligence?

Unbeknownst to their parents, small children are all too frequently left in parked cars to suffocate on a hot summer day.  Are these accidents?  Or should the adults in these situations be charged with crimes related to the deaths of these children?

Perhaps it’s time for parents to truly be held accountable for the actions of their children.  If parents had to pay the price for the offenses committed by their children it might make them better parents.  Juveniles are said to account for as much as 50% of people arrested for arson and incidences of bullying and animal cruelty would be drastically reduced (or eliminated entirely) by properly supervision of children.

Of course, it’s difficult to keep an eye on them round-the-clock and children require varying degrees of freedom in order to mature, but the process must include discussions that teach each child right from wrong and explain the consequences of undesirable behavior.

Good parents nurture good children.  Neglectful parents don’t.

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  1. Jeez.. a 3 year old shot himself? That sentence is wrong on so many levels. Parents should be held accountable for their children’s actions. On the part of the fatal 3 yo shooting, it was part negligence part accident. Who could know that the kid would scramble out of his car seat?
    I am sure there are a lot of things that father wishes he had done differently, That is punishment enough,
    There is no supervision anymore. Parents think television and the internet are babysitters.


  2. Meh. I honestly look at this as God’s little way of cleaning the gene pool.

    I mean, if parents are THAT irretrievably stupid, then I really don’t want to waste tax dollars to support their offspring.


  3. anne marie in philly permalink

    parents are not “parenting” today; they are their spawn’s BFF.



  4. Parents don’t parent anymore. When TVs became popular, they started shifting parenting responsibilities to the TV… and now they’re just pushing blame to everything and anything. Music, videogames, movies, comics, Eminem, Marilyn Manson… everything except for the fact that you don’t spend any quality time teaching your kids about life and not putting loaded guns in your mouth.

    You can’t sue the sun for frying your kid in your car, and you can’t expect people to support your idiot children because you were too fucking stupid to use birth control.


  5. What ever happened to common sense? Or are these parents simply brain dead. It’s appalling the choices that so many parents make to the detriment of their children. Of course, it isn’t easy to be a parent. But these are no brainer situations that the parents have miserably failed at.


  6. as a teacher of 2 year olds you would be amazed at what I run in to. parents just don’t give a shit anymore and it drives me bananas. nope I am not perfect but my one job that I will be judged on is being a mother….


  7. Totally agree with you! It always explained so much when I met parents of students. Teen pregnancy is rampant, and they are too young to be parents. Then we have addicts, stupid and irresponsible people, and those who can’t be bothered having children. And it perpetuates. The longer I taught the more depressed I became about our future in general. There are definitely bright spots along the way who had good parents and will be responsible and productive themselves.


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