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Ovation: Agent Snickerdoodle And The Secret Cookie Service


One of my family’s traditions is “Cookie Night”.  Each year, the first Saturday in December is reserved for baking Christmas cookies.  Throughout the year, we all save tins and boxes in order to pack up the different kinds of cookies that we bake.  Complex decorations and exotic holiday recipes are balanced with standard favorites and the occasional “slice and bake” from the less experienced bakers.  We bake dozens and dozens of many different kinds of cookies and, at the end of the day, we divvy them up so that they can be given as gifts throughout the Holiday season.

Of course, I love cookies all year long.  When I was in college, there was always a tube of “slice and bake” in the kitchen of my apartment and late-night study sessions would sometimes include warm cookies.  My grandmother taught us to cut the dough into small pieces so we would get more cookies in the end and I followed her advice … every time except the times that I ate the cookie dough raw.

Cookies are popular on the campus of the University of California San Diego where a grad student known as Agent Snickerdoodle has started a Secret Cookie Service.  Students across campus can either text or call him to place an order for his famous cookies.  Snickerdoodle dropped out of his PhD chemistry program last year to start his cookie service.  Friends and family thought he was crazy to give up his studies to pursue cookie sales so he decided to deliver in disguise.

“It’s definitely unique when guys in suits and shades deliver cookies for you.  It’s definitely an experience.” – Agent Snickerdoodle

The service is no longer a secret.  After placing an order at least one day in advance, customers receive their hand-delivered orders when requested.  They can pay for their orders, and a small delivery charge, with a credit card or with cash … two cookies for three dollars or four for five dollars.  Milk is also delivered for an additional $1.50.

Things sure are different for today’s college students than they were for my classmates and I.  So many things that we had to do manually are now automated.  Including snacks during a late-night study session.

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  1. Cookies rule!! Especially Oreos with ice cold milk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! And it was so weird because as soon as I started to read your post, an Oreo commercial came on!



  2. That is one awesome service! I hope people appreciate the showmanship and continue to use the service! I feel that people where I live don’t appreciate good service as much as they should (ie be willing to pay a bit more for that extra coolness) so such services would not prosper here.


  3. He is definitely an entrepreneur !


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