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Ovation: Missing Wallet Returned With Twenty Extra Dollars Inside!


There are few things more exasperating than losing one’s wallet.  In this day and age, when identity theft is all too common, our wallets contain everything that there is to know about us.  Our driver’s license details our home address, a specimen of our signature and a picture of our face.  The credit cards that we carry tell a pickpocket or purse snatcher all they need to know about what they can expect to find should they visit our home address.  Nowadays, however, few of us carry actual cash choosing to use debit cards instead.

Fifteen-year-old Courtney Barwick inadvertently dropped her wallet at a McDonald’s.  She didn’t even know that she had lost it until she got a telephone call from her bank letting her know that an anonymous white-haired gentleman wearing sunglasses had found it and turned it in.  She remembered carrying in her wallet her ID and an unused giftcard but when she got it back it also contained a twenty-dollar bill.  Apparently, the white-haired gentleman had made a donation.

Every three months or so, I make a copy of everything in my wallet, front and back, and I keep it in a safe place at home.  This gives me peace of mind in knowing that, should my wallet be lost or stolen, I will know all the account numbers of all the cards that become lost.  Additionally, by copying the backside of each card, I will know what telephone number to dial in order to report the card as missing or stolen.

I’m reasonably confident that, should I lose my wallet, I’ll know exactly what I had been carrying and will be able to quickly take action to see that my cards are not used by someone else.  I’ll assume that any cash (I carry very little) will be gone and I’ll anticipate a stressful adventure to procure a replacement driver’s license.  But I will not expect the wallet to be returned.  And I will not expect an additional twenty dollars.  Courtney’s a lucky girl.

I, honestly, would be more concerned with losing my wallet.  It was a gift and I really like it.  And an extra twenty dollars never hurts.

Have you ever lost your wallet?

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  1. That sound you here is me knocking on wood because I’ve never lost my wallet.


  2. Wow, that was mighty nice of that fella!


  3. I have not lost my wallet, but I love your idea of copying everything in it. Great tip!

    And the $20 donation is so heart warming. Love it.

    (FYI – can’t remember if I told you already or not, but I dropped a bloggy award on you at my site. No obligation at all for you to to a damn thing with it :-))


  4. What a nice person that guy is! Good to know that can happen. I’ve been fortunate and haven’t lost my purse or had it stolen. I’m glad you posted this reminder about copying everything. I need to do that now.


  5. A friend of mine recently left his wallet on a bus. He called the bus station, but they couldn’t find it. Three weeks later, after he’d cancelled his credit cards and all, the bus company called him and said they found it wedged between the seats. It had been riding around hidden for three weeks!


  6. Now that’s a really good idea to make a copy of everything. I left my purse in my grocery cart in the parking lot, drove home, realized what had happened drove back to the store and to my immense it had been turned into the office. What a relief and it also restored my faith in the honesty of most people!


  7. I am going to copy everything in my wallet right now. Great idea! I lost my purse once, but it was found by a police officer who called my home immediately. It was a lucky day! Great post!


  8. I have lost my wallet and my keys, Actually, my keys are missing right now and I am using my spare set. I do have copies of the things in my wallet because I know my history. 🙂


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