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Diatribe: People Move Across State Lines But State Lines Shouldn’t Move Across People.


Anyone who has ever bought a home has seen a diagram of the plot of land that they have purchased.  Property ownership is mostly determined by land surveys and great care is taken to document transactions when parcels change hands.  Most property lines were determined generations ago and new surveys generally take place only when large parcels are divided into smaller areas, when easements are added, eminent domain is invoked or property line disputes arise.  According to the survey for my home, the neighbors’ driveway is on our property.

Ninety-three property owners in the Charlotte, North Carolina area are discovering that the border between North and South Carolina may not be where they think it is.  The state line between the Carolinas, which hasn’t been surveyed in more than 230 years, is being questioned after a recent survey using modern computer methods found the old border to be wrong by several hundred feet in some areas.  Cartography has come a long way since the days of Lewis and Clark and computerized GPS technology can narrow the border down to the centimeter.

A Joint Boundary Commission will meet with residents affected by the new survey to determine what, if any, action should be taken.  I can’t imagine why they would want to make a change.  Many state laws are different in South Caroline than in North Carolina and could impact the lives of those involved in many ways.  Issues  from how much they pay in sales taxes to who provides their cable service will arise.  People move across state lines all the time but state lines never move across people.

I imagine that the amount of paperwork associated with a change of this nature is absurd.  I certainly wouldn’t want to have to get a new drivers license, fill out endless change-of-address forms and re-register my vehicles for what, literally, appears to be no reason at all.

I say “Leave it alone!”  What do YOU think?

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  1. If tax dollars pay for this sort of mindless crap. I would be thoroughly annoyed. I say leave it alone.. How many decades have the state lines been where they are? Further more.. how the hell could a gps determine the location of a state line? A computer doesn’t know anything until information is put into it, no?

    Thought provoking post.. I say they should leave the state lines where they are…


  2. Depends on which side my house is on. if I thought it was NC and it turned out to be SC, I’d say Leave it alone.
    If it was SC and turned out to be NC I’d say Change baby change.


  3. The residents are probably most concerned about high school football re-districting.


    • Probably so. Personally, I’d be concerned with things like property taxes, mortgage refinancing, insurance premiums, schools and the never-ending attempts to change the address on personal records, etc. Just getting a new driver’s license seems to require an act of congress.


  4. I dont’ know how they could possibly change it now. The only people who love all that paperwork and hassle would be, of course, the attorneys!


  5. Wow… can’t believe they’d wanna spend time and money on this instead of handling more important issues. And they’d have to reprint all those atlases too.


  6. Will J permalink

    Would it be easier to update or amend the survey descriptions rather than the jurisdictions?


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