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Ovation: 8-Year-Old’s Eye-Thumb Coordination Catches A Burglar.

8-year-old Landon Crabtree

Landon Crabtree

I’ve always had good eye-hand coordination.  As a youngster, I could whip things up with my Tinker Toys, my Lincoln Logs and my Erector Set with one hand behind my back.  As I grew older, my skills helped me to excel at a variety of tasks things from crochet to clarinet.  I dabbled in wood burning, quilting and macramé.  There was always a bird house that needed building, a cage that needed mending or a plant that needed re-potting.  Once I got to college, my extraordinary eye-hand coordination allowed me to master the games of “quarters” and Centipede.

Yet I feel like a useless oaf when it comes to my smart phone.  I’ve downloaded one “app” after another and still only use a few.  My aging eyesight and my big clumsy thumbs have robbed me of my nimble-fingeredness.  I have very poor eye-thumb coordination.  Nowadays, you have to find a child if you need help with electronics.

Last week, eight-year-old  Landon Crabtree used a tracking application that he had downloaded to find an iPad and other items that had been stolen from his family’s home.  He accessed the app from a computer and learned that the stolen iPad was at a neighborhood hotel.

“You don’t mess with our family.” – Landon Crabtree

The boy told his father who then notified police.  Sheriff’s deputies soon called to say that they had arrested a suspect who had, apparently, been using the motel room to stash a lot of loot from recent burglaries in the area.

Kids today don’t learn with Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs and Erector Sets.  Heck, some of them don’t even turn pages in a book.  The only eye-hand coordination that they require is the ability to touch a screen in the right place.  It’s a “sign of the times” and today’s youngsters are doing a great job of teaching us older folks how to survive in their world … the world of eye-thumb coordination.

Am I the only one who relies on youngsters for assistance?

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  1. It amazes me how quickly they pick up computer concepts. I know kids who are too young to read, but can identify the Start button in games and download apps.


  2. Wow! This is a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing….


  3. Love the story.
    I don’t iPhone and I don’t ‘app’.
    So, I guess I can get along just fine without the youngsters.
    For now……………….


  4. What a clever kid! He’s certainly light years ahead of me in the tech world.


  5. wcdameron permalink

    I love my iPhone! I am always amazed when I look at it with my reading glasses on. “Oh my God, look how clear it is!” I’ll say to Paul. He always says the same thing “One day you’re going to look at me with those glasses on and it’s not going to be pretty.”


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