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Diatribe: Can You Really Justify A $26 Hot Dog?


A big treat for me when I was a kid was a trip to Bozo’s Hot Dogs in Lockport, Illinois.  It was a little trailer-looking restaurant with outdoor seating at picnic tables in a covered area … almost like a drive-in.  But  you had to get out of your car to place your order at the small “Order Here” window and then take a few steps to the “Pick-Up Here” window.  It was the best place to when we travelled to the dentist.

Bozo’s Hot Dogs were boiled to perfection, served on steamed rolls and topped with the most delicious salt my childhood taste buds had ever encountered.  I always ordered mine with ketchup and relish only, even though they had several additional toppings from which to choose.  My mother loved them, too, and I remember us complaining when the price of a hot dog rose to one dollar.

There’s now a hot dog on the market with a twenty-six-dollar price tag!  The Texas Rangers will be selling a one-pound hot dog (two pounds with all the toppings) called The Boomstick at the new Captain Morgan Club in center field and at several concessions stands at their Arlington ballpark.  I can’t imagine paying that much for a hot dog!

Ballpark concession stand prices are notoriously high but this is ridiculous.  The price of the Boomstick is exceptionally outrageous in comparison to the prices of hotdogs at other ballparks.  So, unless you plan to share your hotdog with four other people, you’re going to be paying a steep price.

I had no idea that it was so costly for today’s kids to make hotdog memories with their parents.  I certainly won’t be spending that much money on a hotdog any time soon.  A pizza?  Perhaps … but not a hot dog.

The next time I see my mother, I think we should have a salted hotdog for old time’s sake.

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  1. There’s a sucker born every minute, and they probably have $26 to waste.


  2. Will J permalink

    Why do I now want to go to the takeout window at Costco for a hotdog?


  3. The sports fans probably get drunk on ten-dollar cups of beer before ordering that hot dog.


  4. Whoa! I’ve been to Bozo’s! Grew up in New Lenox. Coincidence!!!!


  5. wcdameron permalink

    A sure sign of spring is a hot dog from Sully’s in South Boston. At a buck sixty, it’s easy on the wallet and so good in my tummy!


  6. You blog has made me so hungry for a hotdog I can’t even tell you. If I had $26 I’d buy one right now! 🙂


  7. Holy crap, $26!

    You can get a nice full meal for that in Austin.


  8. anne marie in philly permalink

    no way, dude! and I complain at CBP in philly – 1 plain crappy dog is $5!


  9. That is crazy… I can’t even imagine spending more than $5 and that would be at a game where you are already stuck LOL


  10. Anonymous permalink

    Bozo’s is the sh*t. Italian beef with red sauce and mozzarella . I miss them dearly, as Florida is lacking in the dept. Looking to bring the memories of great food to Fl. From Bourbonnais, Il.


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