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Ovation: Lifetime Memories Are Made At Children’s Birthday Parties.


When you’re a small child, celebrating your birthday is a really big deal.  It’s the one day each year that is “yours” and you, naturally, get to be the center of attention.  When I was in elementary school, students would bring a special treat for the class on their birthday.  Mothers would pack cookies or cupcakes made in the favorite flavor of the birthday girl or boy and the entire class would join in the celebration.  My birthday, unfortunately, fell during the summer when school was not in session so my birthday parties were more for family.

Often, children get to invite friends to a party at their home where their mother and father will provide treats, party favors and entertainment.  Some have parties at Chuck E. Cheese, bowling alleys, mini golf courses, or any number of venues specifically designed to entertain groups of children.  Of course, these parties can be fun for adults, too.

Today, we’ll be helping out with a neighbor kid’s birthday party.  His mother is helping him celebrate his tenth birthday by hosting a picnic party at their house for his special day.  His friends will gather to laugh and play, eat cake and open gifts.  And we will show up on horseback so that they can all take a turn in the saddle.

We’ll be dressed as cowboys and plan to let the kids take turns sitting in the saddle of a horse as they are walked around the yard by a lead.  We’ll let the children brush the horses and we’ll teach them the basics of how to care for a horse and, hopefully, have some fun learning about equipment and safety.  And we’ll take lots of pictures.

I think it’s an honor to be invited to be such a big part of this celebration.  I imagine that most of the children at the party will never have seen a horse up close and will be really excited.  It warms my heart to know that I’ll be helping to make happy memories for the children and I hope that they look back on this party and remember a really special afternoon.  Particularly the birthday boy.

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  1. Sounds like a cool way to spend the day!
    Have fun!


  2. This sounds like a wonderful birthday party! But… How come I wasn’t invited? Huh? I really like horses too! 😦


  3. What a blast! Just finished watching the movie Parenthood with Cowboy Gil (aka Steve Martin). What a fun way to celebrate! 🙂


  4. Oh that’s going to be so much fun! Getting to ride a horse at a birthday party is the end all! But then you know I’m kind of a horse nut! 🙂


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