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Ovation: New York State Bans Synthetic Marijuana.


Convenience stores didn’t always carry the variety of items that they do today.  Most of today’s markets have more inventory under the counter beneath the cash register than traditional filling stations ever stocked.  They often carry some of the most peculiar merchandise designed to garner impulse purchases from customers of all kinds.

I’m amazed at some of the things that they can sell and I’m quite disgusted by places that sell “smoking paraphernalia”.  I think these business owners insult the intelligence of their customers when they infer that these items are intended to be used only for the enjoyment of tobacco.  Most people know that glass pipes and rolling papers are, generally, not used for smoking cigarettes but for marijuana (cannabis).  Many stores even go so far as to sell “synthetic marijuana”.  I’ve never understood why this practice is legal and it appears that I’m not alone.

New York State is banning the sale of synthetic marijuana products that are sold in convenience stores, smoke shops and tobacco stores.  These packets of dried herbs that are coated with chemicals that mimic THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, are sold under brand names including “Spice”, “K2 and “Mr. Nice Guy”.    These products, which produce a high when smoked, have been linked to severe adverse reactions including death and acute renal failure.  They’re also said to commonly cause increased heart rates, paranoid behavior, agitation and nausea.  New York’s new ban call for sales and distribution of these products to stop immediately and local health officials have been ordered to check for compliance.  Violators of the new ban can face civil penalties.

While there are those that argue and advocate for the legalization of marijuana, it remains a Schedule I drug according to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.  To date, sixteen states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that legalize the use of marijuana for medical reasons.  I believe all marijuana laws, both for and against, should apply to its synthetic counterpart and I hope that other states will soon follow New York’s lead.

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  1. The problem is that the synthetic version is much more dangerous than the real thing.


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