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Diatribe: The Woman Willing To Do It For Two McDoubles.


Many years ago, I found myself with a particularly bad habit of stopping on my way home from the barn at McDonald’s where I would order two McDoubles with no mustard for dinner.  I often felt like I smelled like a horse or was too dirty to go inside a nice restaurant for a quick bite and the late hour often made it impractical to cook once I got home, so my unhealthy meal was somehow justifiable.  Plus, I thought the McDoubles were delicious and the price could not be beat.  Apparently, McDoubles can now be used as payment for prostitution.

Christine Faith Baker was recently arrested in Florida after she allegedly offered sexual favors in exchange for two McDoubles.  She had been walking along a street when she was approached by a n undercover detective you invited her into his car.  Their conversation then turned to sex and she informed the man that her fee would be two double cheeseburgers from the dollar menu at McDonalds.  After the detective bought the two sandwiches, at a cost of $2.75, Baker informed him that he could also tip her forty dollars for her services.  She gave him directions to a vacant lot and was arrested by other agents and charged with prostitution soon thereafter.

I’ve heard lots of stories about “high-end call girls” but never imagined such an extreme opposite.  It never occurred to me that for every “Hollywood Madam” there might be a “Corndog Courtesan” … for every Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman there might be a Christine Faith Baker in a vacant lot.

Way back in elementary school good behavior was encouraged with threats of our misdeeds being recorded in our “permanent record”.  Though my “permanent record” is mostly untarnished to this day, I can’t begin to imagine what Christine Faith Baker’s record looks like.  From this point in her life forward, she may very well be known as The Woman Willing To Do It For Two McDoubles.

Let’s hope this story doesn’t become a Lifetime Movie of the Week any time soon.

UPDATE 04/17/13New Mexico Man Accused of Trading McDonald’s For Sex.

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  1. I guess she must have been very hungry – and desperate enough to not only sell the sexual using of her body for food, but poor quality food. Wonder why the $40.00 tip was necessary – was a meal worth only $2.75 not enough for the cop to arrest her? Very sad.


  2. Couldn’t claim I know what was in her head…but it’s saddening to hear stories like this…where did self respect go?


  3. DAO,

    I see it a bit differently… I wonder what her life must have been like, in order to sell herself so cheap. I could imagine the lifetime of abuse that she must have endured to see her self as such a throw-away, and not worth much more than a meal, or that she was hungry. I think of how people must have preyed on her vulnerability and innocence early in life… and how it carries on with this post.

    Many in this world are forced and sold into prostitution for a lot less than what this woman sold herself for… it is sad that this woman has lost hope. Many in this world have lost hope, we are created in the image of God… or evolved from the likes of an animal… only one has hope. IT is amazing grace that saves a wretch like me… and Christine Faith Baker!


  4. Wow. this is so sad.. The way the story is told, I wonder if she was just so hungry that she was willing to do anything to get some food, and that the $40. at the end there was like a “I don’t want to seem so desperate”.

    The saddest thing about this is that she’ll go to jail, get no help, be released with no tools or help and the cycle will begin again..


  5. Well I know that once I ordered a huge order from MacDonalds at the drive through and while I was waiting to pull out onto the street it smelled so good I actually rolled up my window because I imagined getting mugged for it! LOL! I guess somebody has to have the lowest prices in town no matter what the profession!


  6. Or maybe she feels if she did the burgers she wasn’t selling herself as a prostitute. The tip just being the pickles on top… 😉


  7. The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin permalink

    And here I’ve been paying for sex with Grand Slams at Denny’s when I could have been getting it at Micky D’s for half price. What a sucker I am.

    Good post D & O. Keep ’em rolling.



  8. I don’t need the McDoubles….


  9. I don’t know what’s worse… selling your body for junk food, or for drugs.


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