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Ovation: Polar Bears Don’t Care If They Lose Some Hair.


I always had a wild head of hair.  My hair, like my father’s, is naturally curly and can never be cut and styled to keep up with trends.  In the seventies I wore it long and wild.  In the eighties, I’m not proud to admit that I wore a mullet.  Ever since the nineties, when I bought a convertible, I’ve kept my hair cut quite short.  I started wearing it short so it wouldn’t get too messy when I drove with the top down and I kept wearing it short because, now, when it gets longer my “thinning area” becomes more noticeable.

I call it a “thinning area” because it’s not really a “bald spot” but I’m certain that this zone will, eventually, be completely devoid of new hair growth.  I’m not going to worry about it, like some folks do, because there’s little than can be done to stop it and I have bigger battles to fight.  It’s interesting, however, to learn that I have unusual company in the hair loss department … polar bears.

Scientists in Alaska have recently discovered that many polar bears in the region suffer from alopecia.  Research teams have been, periodically, sent to the area since 1984 to track, sedate and examine polar bears to help determine their general health and habits.

Blood and tissue samples have been collected from the afflicted bears, but the cause or the significance of the outbreak has not been determined.  Data suggests that alopecia in polar bears is unusual but not unprecedented.  The same might be said for my family.

I don’t think these bears really care that they’re losing their fur.  I like that attitude and I intend to take ownership of any hair loss that I experience.  I won’t join any “hair clubs” or buy expensive shampoos.  I’m not particularly vain and, to me, losing some hair is really no big deal.  But, just in case I’m wrong, I might start a hat collection.

Do you worry about losing your hair?

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    That “bald spot” is not a bald spot. It’s a solar panel for a sex machine.


  2. I do not. I have no “thinning areas” at all.
    But if I did, I’d just go all bald all over.

    PS Favorite joke:
    Steven Wright: They say baldness is in your genes, but that can’t be right. I have plenty of hair in my jeans.


  3. My father and I are completely opposite when it comes to hair. He’s got dark hair, I have blonde hair. His is curly, mine is straight. He has a full head of hair at 52, I’m getting a receding hairline at 22. So to answer your question, yes I’m worried about my hair loss.


  4. It would really be horrible to care about going bald when there’s really nothing you can do about. Still I’m glad I’m not going bald. So I guess I do have something to be grateful for today! HA!


  5. I was a long hair way back in the day when it was supposed to be a rebellious statement. Those days are long gone and most of my hair is still here, except for an area on the back of my head towards the top, where the rug is getting thin but not yet bare. I don’t really care, cause I’ve been married for 21 years, so what does it matter? Doesn’t bother her, and doesn’t bother me. I keep my hair short, and have for many years now, because it looks good that way, and is much easier to keep looking good.


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