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Ovation: My Titanic Heart Will Go On In 3D.


Last week I finally got to see my favorite movie, Titanic, on the big screen again as it has been re-released in 3D on its fifteenth anniversary.  While I’ve watched it countless times over the years on video, it was a real treat for me to see it again on the “big screen”.  The story fascinates me just as much today as it did when I saw it for the first time.  Only now I’ve memorized much of the dialogue and catch myself speaking along with the characters on-screen.

For me, although I find the story fascinating, one of the primary reasons that the movie continues to have such an emotional impact is the music.  The composer of the film’s score, James Horner, was recently interviewed by CNN about the history of the film’s record-breaking song My Heart Will Go On.  (Click Here to watch a video of the interview.)

Of course, the music sets the mood from the very first frames and continues as viewers hear and feel tension and release while the score gradually builds to the movie’s climax and ultimate relaxed and sad tranquility.  And it’s hard to forget the haunting beauty of My Heart Will Go On.

I admit that I have a bit of an obsession with this movie.  With fourteen Academy Award nominations and eleven wins (including Best Picture and Best Original Song), eight Gold Globe nominations and four wins (including Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Original Song), four Grammy Awards and countless additional industry and public recognition, it will remain a favorite in the hearts of many moviegoers for years to come.  And, thanks to the recent 3D re-release, a new generation of fans will have the opportunity to enjoy it as it was meant to be seen … at the movies.

In memorium … One hundred years ago today … April 14, 1912.

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  1. Love this movie. You are right, the music plays a huge part…… I wonder if there is enough to see in 3D tho


    • I wondered the same thing but I was really surprised at how well it was done. It really did add a new “dimension” to the film. There were a few times during the underwater scenes at the beginning that the 3D felt a little “gimmicky” but more often than not I thought it was beautiful. The scene when Rose and Jack are on the bow of the boat at sunset was really beautiful.


  2. I remember getting all teary eyed when the string quartet guys started playing Nearer my God to Thee as the boat was sinking. And they played right till the end, without trying to save themselves. It’s so sad and it adds such a haunting quality to the scenes of the rising water.


  3. What makes me smack my face in anguish is when this new generation that gets exposed to such a great movie is also the generation that says things like “Omigod, I just heard that the Titanic was based on a true story! Like, for reals!”


  4. This was the first movie that ever made me cry in the theatre. I must go again so I can cry in 3-D!


  5. Titanic was the favorite movie of both my daughters and I loved listening to the music while they watched it over and over! How did you like the 3D version?


    • Honestly, it was such a good movie that there was little room for improvement. But I did enjoy seeing it on the big screen again and the 3D wasn’t distracting at all. In fact, some of the more long-distance shots were quite beautiful. Remember the scene at the end where the survivors are looking up at the stars? Very cool in 3D.


  6. A lot of people will rag on this movie and the Celine Dion song that was overplayed when the movie came out but no one can deny the amazing story and visual movie that became a classic. I remember watching the movie in the theater in the 2nd row (we got there late and this was the only spot left) and I left haunted by the bodies in the water. So glad that the re-release has not ruined the movie and that a new generation will fall in love…


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