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Ovation: The Art Of Alicia Raney.


Alicia Raney art artwork jewelryLike many folks, I like to decorate my home with items that make me feel good.  As a teen, I hung album covers on a cork wall beside a poster of Debbie Boone and ticket stubs from my favorite movies.  In college, the posters were framed and featured photos by Ansel Adams and prints by Patrick Nagle.  Now I’m interested in more unique pieces.

Last month, I stumbled upon a piece of artwork by Alicia Raney.  I thought the piece was truly unique and it caught my eye on first pass.  Later that same day, with the memory still occupying my mind, I returned to the boutique where I had discovered it and purchased the painting, Jewelry, (pictured) for display in my home.  After further investigation and study, I was fortunate enough to contact Ms. Raney to learn the history of the piece and her inspiration for creating it.

“’Jewelry’ is acrylic paint on canvas that I textured with spackling or joint compound.  I was, basically, inspired by the color combination of neutral gray with soft yellow.  I love anything antique or just plain old, so I started with one of my favorite things in the decorating world … a black & white tile floor.  Always classic, I wanted to keep the subject matter simple, so I then added the chandelier and chair, and it was complete.” – Artist Alicia Raney describing her painting titled Jewelry

This weekend I returned to the same boutique to browse and relax when I noticed a young woman, brushes in hand, painting at an easel on the porch of the old building.  I noticed as I passed that her technique was similar to that used to create my new piece and so I stopped to watch her work.  It was then that I noticed a few paintings nearby had been signed by Alicia Raney and realized that it was her!  I introduced myself, offered my hand and was greeted with a warm and friendly smile.  Alicia Raney was gracious enough to stop her work for a minute to chat with a fan.  I told her that I had purchased Jewelry and she remembered exchanging email with me.  It was really exciting to meet this talented young artist.

Meeting the artist, shaking her hand, and watching her at work has given me an even deeper appreciation of the newest painting in my collection.

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  1. Most of the favorite pieces of art in our house have been done by people we know.
    I think liking a work, and meeting the artist, makes it that much more special.


  2. That’s nice! It’s great when artists correspond with you, and even better when you meet them in person!

    I once received an email reply from Al Lowe (creator of the classic Leisure Suit Larry games) and I was over the moon about that hahahah!


  3. It is a neat picture. Different and intriguing. I guess you two were just destined to meet!


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