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Diatribe: Dumbell Dropped On Bullet Injures Weightlifter.


I’m not a “gym person”.  Once upon a time, I went religiously.  I had a routine that included a particularly grueling amount of time on a Stairmaster followed by several repetitions on the various resistance weight machines.  Plus I got to use a tanning bed for no additional charge.  I’ve never been muscular or buff (or “fit” or “healthy” for that matter) but I did show up and expected to get some sort of credit for attendance.  I saw results but, no matter how much time I spent at the gym it seemed I always spent more time with a fork.

Those who workout know that the old motto of “no pain no gain” all too well.  At any giving time in any given gym one can see people working out with braces on their knees and elbows, special belts to avoid hurting themselves and loads of expensive safety gear.  It can be a dangerous undertaking.

Last Friday, a California weightlifter accidentally shot himself when he dropped a dumbbell on a bullet.  After answering an emergency call, police arrived at the man’s home to find him with a gunshot wound in his shoulder.  The 56-year-old man said that he had dropped the weight on a rimfire .22-caliber bullet and claimed the impact activated its propellant powder.  The officers, apparently, had doubts about the story but said that it was possible.  While they didn’t find a gun in the home, they did locate a shell casing.

Clearly, there are many positive reasons to include a physical workout in your daily or weekly routine.  But there is a reason that most exercise programs suggest that you “consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen”.  Concentrated exercise often involves risk of injury.  Even moreso when you have bullets on your floor.

So, now I don’t work out.  I’ll go for walks on occassion and I have to climb a few stairs now and again but I don’t have a gym membership.  Gyms are dangerous places.  Please get hurt in gyms all the time.  “Why risk it?” I say.  Besides … the food there is terrible, the portions are small and there aren’t enough desserts.

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  1. Don’t like gyms myself – afraid of danger!


  2. “Even more so when you have bullets on your floor” LOL


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