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Diatribe: Don’t Make Me Beg To Pay You!


Used to be that anywhere you spent your money there was a person waiting to take it from you.  I guess as we become an increasingly cashless society, the need to have someone “guarding the register” has decreased.  Personally, I hate it when I have to beg someone to take my money.

I’m not necessarily “brand specific” but I do tend to shop in the same stores all the time.  I purchase all my groceries in the same supermarket, my clothes from the same department store and I shop in the same office supplies store all the time buying staples for both my home and my office.  I spend a lot of time and money in this store and, over the years, I’ve seen it change a lot.  Management has turned over four times since I started shopping there and the customer service associates have always been a transient bunch, moving from one store location to another.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve abandoned a buggy of food or an armload of clothes at the end of more than one shopping excursion.  Because I have very little patience for people or businesses that make me beg to give them my money, when I’m ready to pay for my selections I want to see a smiling face behind a cash register waiting to efficiently accept my payment.

The office supply store that I frequent requires associates to greet shoppers at the door and check in with them periodically during their visit to ask if they need help finding anything.  For someone like me, who is honestly more familiar with their inventory than they are, this is exhaustively annoying.  On any given day there will be four or five associates trying to help me find items and only one person working at a cash register taking money.

I insist on customer service whenever and wherever I spend my money.  Once I make up my mind to spend my money I refuse to beg someone to take it from me.

“Hello?!  Does anyone work here?!”

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  1. Putting it like that..makes sense… there is a certain discount store I shop at occasionally..but in exchange for its low prices and good deals I have to wait an abhorrently long amount of time to give them my money…its almost passive agressive… yeah they cut prices to get our business but they make you pay for it in the end… grrrr when they should be… I would rather pay more honestly now i am irked.. lol.. good thoughts here..


    • They say “time is money” … And I agree. My time is valuable to me so, unless there are significant savings or items that I can’t get elsewhere I avoid stores like that.

      Nowadays lots I online retailers offer free shipping so, if I plan ahead I can shop (and pay) on my own terms.

      Sorry you got irked! 😉


  2. I never seem to have a problem with people taking my money! :::sob::::


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more. There is the occasional magical moment…one local store here has cashiers step out into the isle when they are free to invite the next person in line to their open register. Eutopia!


  4. At least put a darn bell tappy thing on the counter so I can do more then yell……You Whoooooooo…. Lol. Fast food drive thrus are the worse. You feel like a fool asking a box if anyone is there.


  5. Couldn’t agree with you more! I too have abandoned items & my cart when the line to pay is too long or there is no one there to take my money. Another pet peeve: people who bother the cashier with their questions instead of bothering the 4 other associates wandering around the aisles, making me wait even longer to pay!


  6. Will J permalink

    We appear to live in parallel universes. Although I am not proud of it, I too have abandonded a cart of goods when assistance was unavailable. Unfortunately they are relying on the fact that although you did not complete the transaction this time, you will forget or by force of habit or dominance in a local market, return again despite the frustrating experience this time. Sometimes it is a better value to pay a bit more at a locally owned business than the apparently cheaper big box store.


  7. Oh I hate it when no one wants to come and take your money. Or when they can’t make change for a $100 bill. Come on. I went to a chain store Pier One Imports and they didnt’ have change. Hello? What is the reason they are there? It’s just nuts. And I also hate it when cashiers ask you if you found everything OK and when you say, no I didn’t they reply by saying “huh I’ll be darned.” Don’t even ask people!!


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