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Ovation: A Day As A Tourist Makes You Appreciate Your Home.


For many years, my folks have owned a condo in Southwest Florida.  They’ve always let the entire family use it for vacations and, now that they’ve finally retired and live there full time, it serves as a sort of guest house.  We love it there and it’s become a sort of second home.  Over the years we’ve visited all the nearby tourist attractions, seen all of the sights and enjoyed the most popular restaurants.  My folks have become “locals”.  The same can be said for me and my home.

Spending a day as a “tourist” makes me appreciate the beautiful and exciting things that I take for granted as a “local”.  The scenery that I ignore every day on my way to and from the office is a beautiful sight to first-time visitors to the area and the history of the city is incredibly interesting to visitors that learn about it for the first time.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of escorting out-of-town friends around the city and seeing things again for the first time through their eyes.  Skyscrapers that long ago blended into the city’s skyline were once again worthy of a photograph.  I noticed the architecture of historic buildings that I pass routinely without a second thought.  I literally stopped to smell some roses.

And it was a wonderful day with wonderful friends.  I felt like I was on vacation without leaving home.

I’m certain that my mother feels the same way when she takes a guest to her favorite beach or restaurant.  When she’s with friends watching the sunset over the gulf, I’m sure she stops to appreciate the beautiful place that she calls home.

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  1. wcdameron permalink

    I love showing people my city. I rarely do the touristy things on my own, so I love taking advantage of those times. OK, bags packed, I am coming to visit you.


  2. anne marie in philly permalink

    As a born and bred Philadelphian, and damn proud of it, I second this emotion.

    Too many of my fellow citizens have never seen the city in the eyes of a “tourist”. We are such a fascinating city, historical and modern, fancy and undertstated, old-fashioned and contemporary.


  3. I love taking people around Camden–the oldest inland city in South Carolina and the Steeplechase Capitol of the World.

    It’s nice to see it as others see it.


  4. Mom permalink

    Your mom most certainly loves taking guests & family to our great beaches and restaurants. The sunsets are our ‘big-time’ favorites. Can’t wait to see one with you.



  5. I was at a party on Saturday, and I was chatting with a friend who’s originally from the US but has been working here for a year. And you know what? He knows more about Singapore’s history than my wife and I put together. Interesting stuff too, but like you said… it sometimes takes a tourist to really get to know the things that locals take for granted.


  6. Why did I see the tourist cartoon and think he looks like you? 😉


  7. Had the same experience Easter weekend when our eldest daughter & her new husband came for a visit & we were giving them a tour. I blogged about it a couple days later.


  8. So true. That’s why I like to have visitors–so I can look at my own surroundings through a fresh pair of eyes.


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