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Diatribe: Birthday Cake In The Face Leads To Stabbings.


birthday cake stabbings Mexican traditionI love Mexican food.  I think I could live on cheese dip and margaritas.  It wouldn’t be a long life but it would be tasty.  There’s one Mexican restaurant in particular, close to my home, that I frequent with some regularity.  They have really good food, reasonable prices, great margaritas (2-for-1 on Saturdays!) and the staff is fantastic.  Whenever it’s my turn to choose a restaurant, for any occasion, I always choose this place.

I have only had one bad experience in this restaurant.  It was on my birthday so, naturally, I had chosen this place for a celebratory dinner.  As usual, after enjoying a wonderful meal, I sat back to relish the bloated feeling of satisfaction that comes from too much cheese dip and Diet Coke when the entire wait staff paraded from the kitchen with a slice of cake.  They put a huge (and, I assume, dusty) sombrero on my head and sang to me in Spanish while my friends and family laughed and smiled like children at Chuck-E-Cheese.

And then it happened.  They didn’t serve that slice of birthday cake to me … they shoved it, literally, in my face!  The table erupted into howls of hilarity and drew the attention of everyone in the restaurant directly to the absolute FIT that I threw in response.  I was not … I repeat, NOT … a good sport about this.  I had frosting up my nose on my special day, in my favorite restaurant, with my favorite people!  I was humiliated, mortified, embarrassed and p*ssed off because cake (a precious commodity) was wasted!  Argh!

I’ve since learned that it could have been worse.

Last Saturday night, an unidentified California man playfully wiped cake on his girlfriend’s face at her birthday party.  Some thought it was funny but the woman’s brother became enraged, took out a knife and stabbed the boyfriend and two other guests!  Stabbed them!

He stabbed one of the three in his abdomen, one his back and the third twice in the back and fled before police arrived.  All three men were taken to a local hospital for treatment.  The assailant’s name has not been released.

Apparently, it is a Mexican tradition to chant “Mordida! Mordida!” after the candles are blown out, and then to smash the birthday person’s face into the cake.  I love Mexican food, music, people and culture but I will NEVER choose my favorite restaurant to celebrate my birthday again.  And I’m guessing this woman won’t either.

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  1. mary i permalink

    I Love Mexican food also.. This kinda leaves me speechless. Can you spell over kill?? as in Wow Really???


  2. That falls into the category of Way Over The Line. I’m surprised that restaurant hasn’t had a lawsuit filed against it yet.
    And the stabbing? Don’t get me started on that…….


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Shocking! I can’t believe you went back!


  4. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve never found this practice at all amusing. Especially for newlyweds at their reception… I think it’s revealing some masked problems based in disrespect.


  5. Who would want to eat it. I’m sure there were some drug problems at the party. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  6. My new son-in-law was born in Mexico City – I will have to ask him about this tradition. Of course, it’s better than no birthday cake at all which is what I usually get for my birthday!


  7. I was just at a friend’s surprise birthday party last night – in a Mexican restaurant! There was a beaten up pinata, but luckily no cake smashing nor stabbing. Phew!


  8. Drag whoever took you on thier birthday (or lie to hide the payback). Lol


  9. herrokitty permalink

    My kids went to a birthday party full of Hispanic people. They were pretty worried when the kid’s face was smashed violently into the cake…(a PRESCHOOLER, mind you). They came to ask me about it. I would be LIVID if someone shoved my face into a cake. (as for the St Patrick’s day pinching, I hate that too….) I am so glad to be forewarned about this tradition…Luckily there were tons of Hispanic kids at my child’s birthday party and none of them did any assault with cake.


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