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Diatribe: Crazy Apples – Flavored Apples


I remember when they used to make things “apple flavored” so that kids would eat them.  Times have changed.

I recently discovered something called Crazy Apples.  They’re flavored apples that are advertised as a “ready-to-eat healthy snack”.  Out of curiosity, I bought a “bubble gum” flavored apple to see if someone had really figured out a way to make an apple taste like bubble gum.  The package stated that the apple was “100% Natural”.

Huh?  I don’t think so.  I googled “bubble gum apple trees” and it appears that they don’t really exist.

The Crazy Apple website insists that they don’t poke, prod, pierce puncture or otherwise harm the apples to get the flavor inside but they won’t reveal their secret procedure.  Currently, they produce and distribute three “crazy” flavors (Bubble Gum, Pomegranate Grape and Tropical Blast) with more on the way.

Clearly intended for consumption by children, the apples are individual packaged  in easy-to-open pouches or in packs of four and are marketed to school cafeterias and other such establishments to help students “attain their fruit requirements while allowing them to enjoy the taste of sweeter, candy-like treats.”

What’s wrong with the way apples have always tasted?  I’m pretty sure they’re sweet and delicious right off the tree.  I understand and applaud the concept of encouraging children to eat healthy snacks and that fruits are an important part of a balanced diet, but apples don’t need to be “flavored”.  What, exactly, does “Tropical Blast” taste like anyway?

The Crazy Apple that I bought did not taste like bubble gum … it tasted like an apple … an expensive apple in a lunchbox-friendly package.

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  1. mary i permalink

    geesh When will ” they” quit messing with a already good thing?? Really makes me wonder what they are doing to those poor apples…..


  2. If I want Bubble Gum, I buy bubble gum, not bubble-flavored something.
    That is not 100% natural, no matter what the package says.


  3. Roly permalink

    LOL Bubblegum apple must taste gross


  4. Sigh . . . what is happening to us? Kids won’t eat apples unless they taste like candy? I remember my mother telling me when she was a kid during the depression kids would beg her for her apple core when she was done with it. How spoiled we all are!! Great post!


  5. I think this may be an alternative for kids who are tired of eating the same old apples every day. Not every child likes lots of different kinds of fruits to allow for a variety in their lunch box. If the child favored apples over most other snacks, this might help encourage them to eat their “apples” every day. As long as people buy them, there will be a market for them.


  6. Brian Hood permalink

    I had to try a bubble gum flavored one. Gave my wife a bite and she broke out in hives looked on the website to see what natural flavors they use and guess what they did not have it on there so I will not be trying any other flavors. I thought per FDA they have to put the ingredients on the package even if it’s just flavorings.


  7. Kevin permalink

    The FDA disgusts me with how often they turn a blind eye at the things that get put on grocery store shelves. I’ll spare you the rant, but it’s stuff like this that causes food allergies.


  8. Diane permalink

    Company website states that the flavorings are an “all natural combination of flavor notes.” People, make no mistake, that is just deceptive speak for “chemicals carefully mixed together in a lab and given the thumbs up by the FDA.” “Natural flavorings” in a slew of processed foods are all commonly known to be concoctions food “scientists” (should tell you everything right there) have “developed.” There is nothing natural about them other than the fact that some of the original essence may have come from something real, like orange zest for instance. However, once those things are bonded together to form the “flavorings,” they barely resemble their natural state. Couple that with the fact that there IS NO NATURAL bubble gum flavor, not even in…bubble gum…well, you get the point, right? Also, let’s not forget that apples have been on the list of the “dirtiest” fruits for quite some time as far as pesticides are concerned. The packaging on these apples declared them to be GMO free, but no where on the website does it state that these are organic apples. So, even if they are non GMO…you are still getting a pesticide riddled fruit? This crap, to me is nothing but the absolute height of corporate/marketing deception. Just another example of the food industry trying to pander garbage to our children at the same time that we have a health crisis of epic proportions in this country. AS IF there were anything wrong with a REAL, untouched, unpolluted apple in the first place.


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