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Ovation: The President Has Evolved!


I’ve always tried very hard to not lie about who I am.  I don’t wave flags and there are no rainbow bumper stickers on my car.  I make no excuses.  I am not ashamed.

And today I am proud.

I’m proud, and I’m grateful, that our President has spoken out on my behalf.

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  1. Sad about NC, though. For straights and gays.


  2. Good on him! It’s one thing to watch fictional presidents on The West Wing etc support gay marriage, but it’s really really awesome when the really real president says the same thing.

    Maybe the world isn’t going to implode after all.


  3. mary i permalink

    I too am very proud of him. It has been way to long in coming… yes very sad about NC.


  4. Imagine that – the leader of the United States of America supporting equal rights for all its citizens. As if there was ever another rational position to take…


  5. VERY VERY happy to know a sitting President supports equality.


  6. Well good for him! Even if he was kind of forced into it — why didn’t he just come out say what he really felt in the first place? But I’m still happy about it, and I think it is a giant step in the right direction!


  7. I was looking at some other site that showed tons of other politicians not only applauding his statement but affirming their stance as well. Slowly but surely we are moving the needle for equality for everyone!


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