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Diatribe: Don’t Get Drunk And Strap Your Kids To The Hood Of Your Car.


I’ve always taken the responsibility of being a Designated Driver very seriously. It’s not always fun to be the one in the group that’s sipping Diet Pepsi while the others are enjoying cocktails and letting off steam but it’s worse to have an accident or an arrest on the way home.

I was once a passenger in a car that was stopped by a trooper and the driver  was asked to pass a sobriety test on the side of the road.  He hadn’t been drinking so he passed the test and we were on our way without incident.  But only because we were smart.

This week, Aaron Stefanski of Fort Wayne, Indiana wasn’t very smart. After stopping to shop at a liquor store, he was arrested after allegedly strapping four young children to the hood of his car.

“I was only going to drive around the corner. I thought they would like it.” – Aaron Stefanski

The store manager and other bystanders called 911 and reported that Stefanski used a tow strap to tie the children onto the vehicle before driving off down the street. Authorities heard the dispatch and stopped the car about three blocks from the store.

I’ll continue to take my turn as Designated Driver and be glad that my friends can have a good time, be safe, and live to enjoy another night on the town knowing they’ll have a safe ride home (on the inside of the car) at the end of the night.

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  1. While drunk, I jumped onto my friend’s car and rolled up the bonnet and windshield once… he was driving very slowly at the time.

    That’s about as close as I got to being strapped to a moving car.


  2. I read this story… people are just mind blowing with their thought processes…


  3. Anonymous permalink

    You can’t fix stupid !!!!!


  4. Is he related to Mittsy?
    Dogs on the roof, kids on the hood…..?
    Sounds Romney-esque.


  5. Unreal. Hard to believe.


  6. Will J permalink

    Well, he was able to meet the minimum standards necessary to get a Driver’s License. Was there a test for the Marriage License from which these kids were begotten? People like this get to vote on whether or not we can be married? How do we heal kids growing up in that kind of environment?


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