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Ovation: Danny Lesh Steals His Own Bicycle Back From A Thief.


bicycle schwinn lesh bicycling bikeWhen I was a boy, I was allowed to ride my bicycle to the library and to the drug store.  It was an adventure and it felt like a really long ride.  I rode a golden Schwinn with a sparkly banana seat.  I took reasonably good care of my bike and was careful to keep it out of the rain and carefully stowed on the side of the garage so as not to scratch a car.  And I always had a bicycle lock.  I had both combination locks and those that required a key, but I didn’t have a preference.  After all, I could forget a combination just as quickly and easily as I could lose a key.  I was frightened that my bicycle would be stolen and I would have to walk home.

Recently, Danny Lesh’s $600 Cannonday hybrid was stolen.  Shortly after, he found it advertised as FOR SALE on Craigslist and he alerted police.  They were unable to help him right away so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The bike was advertised as for sale for $100 so Lesh arranged to meet with the seller/thief to take the bike for a test ride.  But, instead of returning to pay for the bike, he simply rode off with his property.  Lesh placed an ad of his own on Craigslist warning other users about stolen bikes being listed for sale.

“This guy finally started calling me, and left a message saying he was going to call the police.  I’m glad that, hopefully, his business is interrupted a little bit.” – Danny Lesh

Never once was my bicycle stolen.  I do remember leaving it out in the rain once and feeling bad.  Fortunately, no harm came to the bell, the streamers hanging from the end of the handlebars or the playing cards that were attached to the fork with a clothes pin so that I made a “clicking” sound as I rode.

Have you ever had a bicycle stolen?

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  1. mary i permalink

    Yes I have. Never caught up with It.. Go Danny Lesh! 🙂


  2. Roly permalink

    Yes! Some little bastard stole my BSA Golden deluxe. Metallic green with chrome mudguards.


  3. Yes, unfortunately, I have. I had just bought a new bicycle about 8 years ago and stowed it in the locked garage. Some guys were drinking beer in the alley and were eying me. Next day, the garage had been broken in to and my new bike was gone, probably traded for a six pack of beer.


  4. Ha ha now that’s what I call poetic justice! (i had cards clothes pinned to my bike too!) 🙂


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