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Diatribe: Prudish Chaperones Spray Lysol On Dancing Prom-Goers.


When it comes to dancing, teens have pushed the boundaries of what their parents call “good taste” for generations.  We’ve seen chaperones try to keep dancers from touching each other in popular movies like Dirty Dancing, Footloose and this famous scene from 1978’s Grease.

Clearly, parents continue to disapprove of how their children dance as evidenced by two prom chaperones at a Colorado school’s prom last month.  The two mothers allegedly sprayed what they thought were dirty-dancing teens with Lysol while calling the girls “dirty”, “whores” and “sluts”.  The students complained that the Lysol spray got into their mouths and eyes, soiled their clothing, and forced some of them to leave the dance.

A police report was later filed by the father of one of the girls.  The report listed many victims and indicated that several witness statements were obtained that support the girl’s claim.

The school issued a press release that said, “The alleged actions by parent chaperones during the high school prom are in no way condoned by the school district.  It is unfortunate that the parent chaperones did not report to school personnel their concerns regarding what they believed to be inappropriate dancing.”

 “It just felt really wrong, especially coming from a parent figure.  It’s the same parent that taught me to count when I was in kindergarten is calling me trash now. It was difficult.” – Colorado High School Senior after being sprayed by Lysol by chaperones at her prom.

The chaperone moms, who initially admitted to spraying the students have since denied that claim and face harassment charges with court dates pending in June and July.  Another fine example of parenting from overly protective parents who refuse to let their children grow up.

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  1. mary i permalink

    Wow!! I am glad to say my folks were nothing like that.. No wonder that some children(kids, teens ) are acting out the way they are……


  2. We need to find a place for all these crazy folks so that they can stop trying to run/ruin the lives of the rest of us.

    I am seriously tired of fanatics.


  3. Those two mom’s need to go dancing.
    And STFU.


  4. Well I’m glad those parents are being raked over the coals for such ridiculous antics. What an embarrasment they are as parents!


  5. wcdameron permalink

    What ridiculous parents. If those were my kids, I would be furious with the parents that decided to spray the kids with lysol. Clearly, those parents have plenty of baggage.


  6. Will J permalink

    I bet Mitt Rmoney doesn’t see any problem with it.


  7. these have to be the same idiots that picket funerals of soldiers. they actually plotted this out, who thinks of this crap? amazing


  8. What is this world coming to? As a parent you have the right to tell your own kids what to do, but you do not have the right to tell anyone else’s kids what to do. You certainly do not have the right to call them names & judge them by your morals. I hope the court throws the book at them!


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