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Ovation: Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.


Baby Boomers will remember a television show called Candid Camera.  Created and produced by Alan Funt, the show was a hidden camera/practical joke series that initially began on radio as Candid Microphone in 1947.  The show was first broadcast on television in 1948 and its last original broadcast was in 2004.

What could be considered televisions first reality program, Candid Camera has appeared on U.S. television networks and in syndication as either a regular show or a series of specials.

Recently, a new generation of fans has been introduced to the concept with Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.  Based on the Belgian format of Benidorm Bastards and starring Betty White as the host, the series is based on elderly folks playing pranks on members of the younger generation.  It sometimes feels like a geriatric version of MTV’s Punk’d.

Celebrity guest appearances in the first season included Ted Lange, Rob Schneider, Adam West and Wink Martindale.  When the elderly appear in unexpected situations and react in unexpected ways, it can be really hilarious.  It’s fun to watch the seniors try to be young and hip and sexy and the shocked reaction of much younger stranger.

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  1. mary i permalink

    i have to check this one out. Betty is one of my favorites…


  2. I love Betty White.. so I am sure this will be good.


  3. OMG! This looks hilarious! I absolutely love Betty White and i can’t believe she’s 90! What a wonderful lady!


  4. The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin permalink

    I loved me some Candid Camera as a kid. My favorite was when they set it up in a grocery store and everyone working there were actors and the one guy in line too. The guy in line asked to go ahead of a real customer because he only had one item, and when he was allowed to they pretended he was the 1 millionth customer and told him he won $100,000. The person who let him ahead couldn’t believe it and asked if they could split the money, and the guy was jumping up and down celebrating and was like, “No way, it’s mine, I was the 1 millionth customer, not you. Wooooooo!”
    Also, this one on Betty White is pretty good…you know, how they’re fooling everyone into thinking she’s still alive? Good one.


    The RB


  5. A) I love Betty White!
    B) This show is pretty funny. The older folks look to be having some fun


  6. I love Betty White & have for years, but she needs some better writers for this new show. Sorry to disagree with other here, but some of the skits get monotonous after a while & it could use some jazzing up!


  7. eddie rabbit permalink

    I’m a huge fan of Betty White, and now I can watch her new show Off Their Rockers on my PrimeTime recordings. I think that she has done some awesome movie acting for a lady who is ninety years old. Now I can watch this new show commercial free if I select to enable the Auto Hop on my Hopper. When I heard about the PrimeTime Anytime Auto Hop feature I couldn’t see how it would be useful, but when I thought about the shows that I record, I realized most of them played during PrimeTime. I was happy to learn from my coworker at Dish how the feature worked. The play back usually starts right away, but this time a popup asked if I would like to skip the commercials for that episode. This will save some wear and tear on the remote since I recently had to replace it.


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